My name is Iris and I am a midwifery student. A curious and sharp one. The story and confession I present to you is my first and a true one.

This situation has made me daydream a lot and has kept me up lots of nights. I deeply enjoy being a midwife. Even if I am a novice, being present in such intimate, sensual and marvellous moment like birth puts all my senses in excitement.

Although I feel a bit ashamed about this, when I’m attending births, I cannot control myself and I always feel a little aroused or turned on. In those moments I feel very in touch with my own feelings and sensations, and very sensitive to other people’s energies.

During my last internship this winter, I met one of the most mysterious women I have ever encountered in all my life. Andrea was a nurse, a gorgeous brunette in her late thirties. A little bit taller than me, with a thin and beautifully shaped body, heavenly cinnamon skin and long, shiny dark brown hair. She wore no makeup or accessories on a daily basis—she was a true beauty.

Andrea was quite a low-profile person, she kept most of her opinions to herself, but even when she tried to pass unseen, I could sense the fire burning inside her. Her eyes were intense, and her mouth did a little twitch when she disagreed with something—I sensed I was the only one who saw that. She is one of those queen-like girls, who doesn’t waste her time with small matters or persons.

I was so intrigued by her. Because I am a student, I had a privileged position during the internship, and I always referred to her with most reverence, “Nurse Andrea this, Nurse Andrea that”. I took every opportunity to be with her, to speak with her, to gaze into her profound black eyes.

I loved to watch her work—gently touching other women’s bodies while helping them birth their child. There was art and sensuality in each and every movement from her, and I could not be indifferent to that.

When I stood there, watching and learning from her, I felt my pussy getting swollen, moisture damping my underwear. I could only hope for her to touch me in that sensual manner, but I was also afraid of being betrayed by my own expressions and body language. The pressure grew bigger each day we were together. I could not bear being too close to her because I was so afraid that she would “see” how much I was drawn to her.

One afternoon, in the middle of the nursing room, her uniform shirt was accidentally unbuttoned. I caught a glimpse of her black lace bra, and her perfect orange-sized breasts. I flushed with my own pleasure; I could not believe how lucky I was. I managed to warn her, but all that I wanted to do, was to take her to a quiet room, free her from the rest of her shirt, and lose myself with her beautiful cinnamon breasts. I could not think of anything else.

It is important to mention that I’ve never had a lesbian experience, but this girl, oh dear, she made me want to give it a real try. I wanted to lick, and suck, and gently caress her sugary brown nipples, while pulling her long hair, exposing her neck to my mouth for kisses and kind biting. I imagine my mouth full of those tasteful, warm and soft nipples, playing with my senses, making me want for more…

How could I deny this wonder to myself? I would bet she is a hot lover. I wanted to feel her athletic body against mine, try the moist of her pussy—first with my fingers, exploring her clit, rubbing it, making her tremble with pleasure, then with my mouth. I would lick her, playing with her first slowly, and then faster, enjoying her taste, sucking every drop of her sweet juices, until she would come on my mouth.

I would love her to finger me fiercely, making me moan and twist until I would squirt all my juices on the hospital floor and on her.

After that I would like to calmly dress her again, buttoning her uniform correctly, kiss her deeply, letting her carry on with her wonderful job with this sexy secret between us.

As for me I am going to carry this fantasy with me and next time I will see her I am going to think of this confession, and maybe, who knows, I can get the courage to let her know how much I want her.

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