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I do enjoy reading your comments and believe me I do listen… so much so that I thought I would comment on a recent message asking…. “Why not switch it up and have the man playing for his girl”. Well this actually isn’t the first time I have thought about this and genuinely I am all up having some gorgeous sexy male imagery, teasing and playing before us all. However, I do wonder what would you all think? It is strange but as a straight “ish” girl and I say that having enjoyed both watching and having some gorgeous girlie fun time myself, which all seems more than acceptable. We girls as I have often said, benefit from both sides with no issues whatsoever, and certainly few labels applied and our male partners are more than happy. However, that doesn’t naturally flow so smoothly in the other direction. As a girl I love the image of a fine masculine torso, tall athletic build works for me every time, but what if we had an erotic movie of a sexy man masturbating and wanking, turning himself on before his girlfriend.


Filmed in my sensual and lustful way, he would be watching her, playing to her, knowing how much he wants to fuck her while all along wanking his hard big dick. What would you think to that? I would so love to know. Is that something the girls would love to see? Girls, does the sight of a man hard and horny playing with himself turn you on? And couples would that be something you would find arousing too? What would the male members of my site think? To date, I have captured some very sexy erotica of girls enjoying themselves either alone or before their man in a seductive and teasing way but I think it only right I turn my attention to the boys. So please, drop me a message with your thoughts as I am listening and would love to hear from you.




Please mail me your thoughts at as would LOVE to hear them.

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11 thoughts on “Your thoughts… would you enjoy a watching a sexy man playing with himself?

    • You had better let your wife know that we will be ‘shooting’ excuse the pun! a couple of super sexy boy scenes very shortly as have to say think it will be simply amazing…!

  1. Frist wanna say congrats!
    I’m a straight woman in her 20’s, who haven’t found yet his true love so sometimes I feel lonely, that’s why I like erotic artwork, videos and photography, because I feel if it’s rightly done, with love and respect for the human body and, it makes a girl feel happy, warm inside, and less lonely.
    The few times I’ve tried to find erotic stuff though, it’s been so sad, because people often seem to think male body only appeals to gay guys, and for me it’s really embarassing and uncomfortable seeing guys kissing and then realizing I’ve entered to a gay page when I didn’t meant to.
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything againts gays, but you know; what gays and lesbians find erotic on men and couples isn’t not the same thing that straigh women do.
    Plus, very often gay stuff it’s…too crude! Not sensual, I mean, there’s not even a tiny bit of sensuality or gestures of love, and that makes me feel sad, cos it’s not art but porn because it isn’t made with respect for the people and human sexuality.
    So that’s why I want to congratulate you for your blog, cos I think is the very first site I find that it was made for women! Because I can see that sensuality and warmth, and also the respect on male and female people’s photos (the videos I haven’t seen them so I can’t opine, but I imagine they are as well sensual and loving) and it’s also respectful and nice the way you talk about sexuality here. And taking in count HOW RARE is to find good erotica for women, I feel like I’m in a paradise here ^^

    And for your question, yes! I would love to see a video of a gorgeous man having a moment for himself! I’ve always thought it’s nice to watch when a man takes his time alone because, it’s cute how they explore their body. Also because that its a very very intimate moment for any human being, so it’s heartwarming, and cute, and thus very sexy :3

  2. I just love watching my man and love him cumming over my boobs …. a great turn on after he has brought me to orgasm with his tongue.

  3. I think it is definitely a turn on watching a man playing with himself when your not meant to be watching…..

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