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The Feast of St Valentine’s Day is upon us, today February 14th is a special day we have associated over centuries around the world for a day to celebrate romantic love. It marks an occasion when lovers can reveal their feelings and express them with gifts and personal written greetings.

Although the special holiday grew from early Christian times through a series of Christian martyrs called Valentine, different stories have evolved but the most common one being focused on a Valentine of Rom who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers forbidden for marrying and those persecuted under the Roman Empire. He was imprisoned, during which time he revealed himself to have healing powers and helped the young daughter of his jailer. Just before his execution he wrote a farewell letter to her in which he signed off “Your Valentine”. And so the story has remained and grown over centuries, with embellishments and other legends of St Valentine, that St Valentine is “supposed to have cut hearts from parchment” and given them to soldiers and persecuted Christians to remind men of their vows and God’s love, which might have been a possible reason for the use of hearts on Valentine’s Day. Over the years, further writings and stories, poems and sonnets, have all built upon this special day to signify love and desire. Victorians enjoyed the production of small handwritten lover’s verse, which soon grew into mass production from the 19th century and the popularity of printed Valentine’s Day cards. To this day we enjoy the offering of gifts, flowers particularly roses, red satin hearts full of chocolates and we spend more than ever on gifts and treats on this day of love.

So as a special token to share some love with you, so you can enjoy access to my many films of love and passion, such as Lover’s Chair, Morning Fuck and Watch Me, why not take advantage of something special this Valentine’s Day. A perfect erotic gift to enjoy with your special loved one, an annual membership for the full year for just £59.95, which equates to only £4.95 a month, and that is something you can enjoy every month and not just on 14th February.


The imaged featured on this post is that of  LOUI JOVER, THE LOVE OF AGES, Drawing: Ink and Pencil on Paper. Size: 9.5 H x 13 W x 0 in pencil/ink/collage on vintage sheet of paper

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