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At last a report has been mentioned in Time magazine contradicting all our previous understanding that the menopause was guilty of messing with our sex drive may actually be a myth! Hoorah we all shout, and I say that for all.

This report undertaken by Dr Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London has actually revealed that our previous understanding that hormones have direct impact on our personal sex drive, may have been rather exaggerated all this time. The direct correlation of hormones to sex drive may be more myth than fact, so says Dr Spector in Time.

This latest finding certainly contradicts the old view that as our hormones increase through puberty our sex drive develops and vice versa with the decline of our hormones during menopause, thereby decreasing a woman’s sex drive. However what is revealed about the state of our sex drive is much more personal to each and every one of us and how our sex drive was before the onset of the menopause is more inline to what we can expect after. Indeed in some cases Dr Spector did state that for some women they saw an improvement in later life.

“What that says is that you are not necessarily stuck … by modifying your life and attitudes about sexual desire you can change things sometimes surprisingly for the better, although you are getting older.”

So we can all draw comfort from this report that no one is stuck with a defined level of sexual fulfilment, and no one factor is a major cause, so don’t let anything be an excuse for not enjoying an active and fulfilling sexual appetite.

If you would like to read the full study it can be found in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 






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