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I am delighted to again be publishing an excerpt from one of my very talented erotic authors. Here you can enjoy a taste from one of Olivia Purley's latest works The Scarlet Sessions Volume 1. Olivia Purley has previously delighted us with her story of HOT BED, a passionate tale of lovers and who has appeared more recently in our authors interviews. You can purchase a copy of the full story direct from Amazon. Details at the end of the story. Below enjoy her chosen excerpt from The Scarlet Sessions Volume 1 with her own synopsis of the tale. SYNOPSIS "The Scarlet Sessions is a series of short stories that has Mistress Scarlet at the centre of each tale. She specialises in bringing her client’s fetish fantasies to life. She wants to bring pleasure to men and women, in areas that they can’t get in a regular relationship. Her secret desire is orgasm denial and she has one...

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