Olivia Purley

Olivia is an erotic writer of fabulously naughty short stories. First Encounters series tells the stories of men and women who finally get together with the one they have lusted after. The Scarlet Sessions series is not for the faint hearted. Mistress Scarlet brings her client’s fetish fantasies to life. Both eBooks out now.

Author of The Scarlet Sessions and First Encounters series

Olivia Purley

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Excerpt from The Scarlet Sessions Volume I by Olivia Purley

I am delighted to again be publishing an excerpt from one of my very talented erotic authors. Here you can enjoy a taste from one of Olivia Purley’s latest works The Scarlet Sessions Volume 1. Olivia Purley has previously delighted us with her story of HOT BED, a passionate tale of lovers and who has appeared more recently in our authors interviews. You can purchase a...

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