I am always delighted to be able to present to you one of our author’s excerpts from one of their latest published works.  Here, Judy Kemp who has previously written a story for us in collaboration with one of our films WORKOUT WANK has chosen her excerpt from A Bouquet of Gardenias, a real story of her menage a trois relationship. Full details of where you can purchase the full story are at the end.

SYNOPSIS:  The following excerpt is from my debut novel A Bouquet of Gardenias.

“It’s the true story of an affair my husband and I had with another woman and was probably one of the most intense and satisfying sexual experiences I’ve had in my life so far. I’ve always been openly bisexual, but had never had a long-term ménage à trois before. When I was in university, I’d experimented with FFM, FFF and MFM couplings and had always savoured them (perhaps a little too much!), but they were usually short-lived. This was something different, and allowed all three of us to live out some of our wildest and most taboo fantasies. It helped that all of us were very highly sexed and that fact that I had become physically obsessed with the woman I call Fiona in the story. Even as I write this, I can feel my mouth watering when I think of her relative inexperience, her body, her beauty, her perverse, kinky appetites and her greed for every kind of sexual experience, no matter how forbidden of outrageous. Writing it down was difficult, but I knew it was something I had to do. The fact that it has been a best-seller and has aroused others is very exciting for me personally. I hope you enjoy the excerpt.”


I get up and go into the bathroom, where Steve is waiting in his boxers. He has the biggest, stiffest hard-on that you could imagine. He raises his eyebrows when I come in.

‘Is she OK?’

‘She’s very wet now. It’s the lube and her own wetness. She’ll be ready as soon as you are.’

‘Christ, I’m more than ready now, babe.’

I put my arms around Steve’s neck and give him a long, lingering kiss, my hand finding his cock and gripping it hard.

‘I want to fuck you, Jenny. I want to fuck you on the floor in here. Right now.’

I rub his cock up and down and stick my fingernails into the side. My hands still have lube all over them. Normally, this would turn into one amazing fuck, but I have to get on with the job in hand, so to speak.

‘Never mind that. Come on. Are you ready?’

We hear the buzz of the vibrator from the bedroom and a single ‘Oh.’ escaping from Fiona’s lips.

‘I think she is, by the sound of things.’

As we enter the bedroom, the sight awaiting us is so erotic that I’m afraid Steve might come too soon. Fiona, the vibrator’s power turned up to the max, is enthusiastically fucking herself with long, deep penetrations. Her lovely face is in a grimace and she’s biting her lower lip so hard I’m afraid she might make it bleed.

She looks up at Steve and her eyes are on the bulge in his crotch straight away.

‘Do you want Steve to enter you now, babe?’

‘Yes. Yes please. I think I’m ready.’

With her free hand, she caresses one of her breasts. Her eyes are half closed and she’s panting steadily and slowly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more ready in my life.

Steve removes his boxers and his erection springs upwards. I grab it and give it a few more rubs, then step back.

There are no more words we can say. Steve gets onto the bed and gently takes the vibrator away from her, switches it off and places it on the bed. He spreads her legs wider apart and his fingers find her cunt. He rubs her slowly and opens her lips. I can see how wet she is and I can easily imagine my tongue in there, darting in and out until she comes over my face.

She’s writhing around now and there’s really nothing else for Steve to do. He grabs her huge ass with both hands, lifts it off the bed and slides his cock into her cunt. Within a few seconds, he’s fucking her hard. She pushes herself up even further to take his length, her back arches and her hands are grabbing the sheets tightly. This is so hot it’s insane. I’ve always loved watching hardcore porn and this is like having it suddenly appear in your bedroom for real. There’s something (for me, at least) about seeing the expression on a woman’s face when she’s being given a good fucking, even if it’s a DVD and she’s probably faking it.

Steve grabs her thighs hard as he sticks it inside her right up to the hilt. I have to admire his control! She’s obviously really into it, yet is still avoiding his gaze, either shutting her eyes or looking somewhere else in the room. She moans with pleasure and pants out little high-pitched noises as he pummels her pussy.

‘Oh. Oh, please.’

‘Are you alright, sweetie.’ I say.

‘Yes. Yes. Jenny. Oh, Jenny.’

She holds out a hand for me and I take it. She squeezes it so tightly I’m afraid she might cut off the circulation. I look at Steve’s face and I can tell that he doesn’t want this to finish quickly any more. He’s enjoying it and so is she. And so am I, for that matter.

Steve smiles and looks at me.

‘She’s so tight, Jen. She’s got such a tight cunt.’

Fiona moans out loud, the bites her lower lip at this comment and for a moment I think she’s going to come.

‘She’s clenching around my cock. She’s sucking me into her. This is fantastic.’

Fiona’s knees are up against her boobs now, her legs unbelievably wide apart, to get more of Steve inside her. To get him to fuck her deeper and deeper.

‘Can you say that again, Steve?’ she says.

‘Say what?’

‘About my, my cunt.’ She whispers the word.

‘You have such a tight cunt, Fiona.’

‘Mmm. Oh. Does it feel OK?’ Her expression is pained, her eyes still looking anywhere else but at Steve or me.

‘Yes, it does. It feels great. It’s feels hot, wet and very tight.’


Her eyes roll up into her head and she grinds her pussy hard against Steve’s length. Seeing her wanting him, needing him like this is making my brain boil with lust.

‘Fiona’, she gasps.

‘Yes, sweet. What is it?’

‘Can you – can I get my clothes off?’ She runs a hand through her hair to clear away the sweat that’s running down her forehead. ‘I’m getting too hot.’

‘Of course, babe. Sit up.’

With Steve still pounding away, she sits up, supporting herself on her hands, so I can get to her clothing. My fingers are having trouble working, but I manage to undo her blouse and take her skirt off. Her boobs are spilling out of her bra and I can see that her nipples are hard.

I can hear the noise that her juice is making as Steve fucks her. His cock is glistening with it and so is her pubic hair. She looks down to see him moving in and out of her. I know him, and he’s not going to stop now, not with a tight, welcoming cunt enveloping him. With that tiny waist, her breasts look obscene, and I can’t wait to see what they look like with the bra off, all swollen and aroused.

I start to undo her bra clip, but Steve raises a hand.

‘No. Not yet. I want to fuck her just with her bra on.’

I look at Fiona, who’s half-crazy with lust, grinding her cunt onto Steve’s huge dick.

‘Is that fine with you, Jenny?’

She nods her head. She can’t speak. I know the feeling.

Steve pushes her back onto the bed, raises her legs and starts fucking her again. This is not how I saw things progressing, but at the same time, it is.

This time, she puts both hands on Steve’s ass, bringing him towards her, willing him to fuck her harder. Steve is grunting with pleasure now and holds her tiny waist in his powerful hands.

‘Can I take this off now? It feels a bit uncomfortable.’

She means her bra. Steve doesn’t waste any time and just grabs it and pulls it upwards, exposing the biggest, most delicious pair of tits I’ve ever seen close up. Her bra presses down on them, squashing them outwards. Her nipples are huge and are so hard it must hurt. Steve runs his hands across her swelling breasts until goose bumps appear. He’s being very gentle with them and I can see it’s making her hornier than ever. I can see that the goose bumps are all over her body; her arms, her thighs – it’s as if the room is at sub-zero temperature.

‘Oh! Oh, yes. Touch them. Please squeeze them hard. Pinch my nipples if you want.’

Steve doesn’t need to be told twice. He pinches both nipples hard. She squeals and writhes underneath his touch and grinds her cunt into him so hard I’m afraid he’ll come soon. Forget the pregnancy thing; I want this to go on for as long as possible.

‘Oh! Oh Jesus! Fuck me! Stick your cock in me hard. Fuck me, fuck me. Please. Just fuck me! Make it hard! Do me!’

She almost screams the words. Steve continues screwing her while he pinches her breasts and flicks her nipples. She catches my eye. She can see how turned on I am by all of this. My nipples poking through the fabric of my dress must be a dead giveaway.

‘Jenny. Please…’


A Bouquet of Gardenias by Judy Kemp is available for kindle download on Amazon.


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