I thought it was time to tell you all a little more about the erotic authors that support me so much with their wonderful words and naughty minds! I have always wanted to bring together the elegance of the written word and fuse it together with the visual enjoyment of film and my gorgeous authors help make this dream a reality by applying their unique style of writing to the picture galleries that accompany the films I produce.

Over the coming weeks I will be publishing a wide range of new features within my magazine one of which will be a collection of Questions & Answers from each of my gorgeous authors and I very much hope you enjoy their responses as much as I am…!!

So to get the ball rolling this is from Veronica Savage who kindly wrote LOVE LIPS

What are you currently working on?
I did a run of five original titles and now I’m circling back to write the sequel to my first book, Ma’am’s New Toy, called Ma’am’s Toy Training. It’s a romantic take on a burgeoning femdom relationship between two very yummy protagonists.

When and where do you prefer to write?
I write at night after the domestic day winds down and crack open my laptop in my favorite easy chair and coax my muse out of hiding with wine and sweets. By the time we’ve retired for bed, I’m so worked up by erotica writing my hubby feels like Cassanova. Win, win!

Is your erotic writing a hobby or a business?
I consider myself a semi-pro. I’ve published in other genres and pen names, but so far erotica has been the most fun and lucrative. I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon, but that’s the nature of the publishing business.

The fantasies within your stories are they yours? Do you prefer to write from experience or enjoy the escapism of your own created fantasy?
Great question! I try to weave small elements of my own experiences into each tale, sexual or otherwise, but my heroines don’t have to deal with real-life consequences like sub drop, jealousy,or rope burns so they get to be far more adventurous than I can be.

Given a night of gilt free pleasure who would you most like to spend it with and why?
I’m going to have to go with Mathew Mcconaughey. That sweet Texas accent. Those eyes. That body. I’m a sucker for county boys.

In your opinion who do you think is the kinkier sex?
Women easily. Men like to think they are, but women can take kinky into mental, emotional, and full-body erogenous realms that would amaze most men. When was the last time you heard of a man having an orgasm from a foot rub, or whispering dirty, dirty things into his ear?

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