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It is always a pleasure to work with other creative minds such as the various erotic authors I have had the pleasure of working with who have so kindly collaborated on my many erotic films. Charming Man is one such erotic writer who kindly wrote PEEPING TOM STORY that accompanies the film PEEPING TOM. Here I have had the chance to learn a little more about his currently writings and what drives his naughty mind to create such fabulous stories.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve just released my first short story compilation, entitled First Encounters, which comprises my first six offerings, namely Night Vision, Beach Encounter, Mid Air Collusion, Ariana, A Greek Tragedy and The Hitcher.

Charming Man erotic author | Charming Man erotic author |

I’m currently working on my second short story compilation, Final Encounters, which will comprise Peeping Tom, A Country Caper, A Tension Seeker Calls, The Hostess, The Attic and The Secret Garden.

Charming Man erotic author | Charming Man erotic author |

I see both First Encounters and Final Encounters as a compendium of Charming Man’s work, and each aptly named for the job! Once Final Encounters is released, I see Charming Man’s work as done, leaving me, Andy S Wilkins free to pursue other writing adventures.

Having said that, I have promised a full length Mid Air Collusion and a conclusion to The Hitcher!

When and where do you prefer to write?

Whenever I feel the inspiration, and wherever there is peace and quiet. I have a house in France and I love sitting by the pool with my laptop, soaking up the sun. Sunshine feels me with such inspiration.

Many of my fellow writers say they love to write while listening to music, but I just can’t concentrate. I’m also a drummer and whenever I listen to music, my mind wanders and I find myself playing along in my head!

Is your erotic writing a hobby or a business?

I’m very much a part-time writer at the moment; the rat-race is forever getting in the way, which obviously affects my productivity. I’m a terrible procrastinator too, which doesn’t help either. If I could apply the same level of diligence to my writing as I do in my other walks of life, I’d be prolific. In my defence, I work better under pressure, adhering to timescales and deadlines. I need an editor or publisher on my back, demanding my next manuscript by the end of the week. And yes, that’s a hint!

The fantasies within your stories are they yours? Do you prefer to write from experience or enjoy the escapism of your own created fantasy?

All my stories are either based on real life experiences, conversations with other like-minded souls or a notion perceived when making eye contact with someone. The latter are the most fun; I most likely imagine the connection, but if it leaves me with a wonderful idea for a story, all the better. My idea for Mid Air Collusion was based on eye contact with a woman at Amsterdam airport that lasted a fraction of a second. I have no idea who she was, and better still, she most likely has no idea I wrote a story based on her.

Given a night of guilt free pleasure who would you most like to spend it with and why?

Without doubt, I’d spend it in the company of my partner, the love of my life. We’ve been together a couple of years now, and have glued two families together, with four children between us. It’s hard sometimes and we seldom get the chance to indulge in guilt-free pleasures!

So I’d whisk her off to a romantic retreat for the evening, wine and dine her and reiterate just how much I love her; not that I’ll have too much reiteration to perform!

In your opinion who do you think is the kinkier sex?

Oh, that’s a good question! I don’t think kinkiness is gender dependent in any way, unusual sexual behaviour is driven by an individual’s hunger for sexual fulfilment, be they male or female. And surely it’s a state of mind too. I always find myself more adventurous in a loving relationship, where there is mutual respect and understanding. When the chemistry is right, the inhibitions fade… And the fun and games begin!

Charming Man

For those of you looking for something a little more arousing, Charming Man offers a written insight into the realms of sensual romance.  Exploring the thought provoking world of encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies, illicit relationships and voyeurism, Charming Man attempts to reach the inner desire for erotic excitement that he believes lies within us all.  Although all works ultimately leave nothing to the imagination, each treads a slow and tortuous path, building slowly to prolong the sense of anticipation.

First Encounters, a compilation of the first six short stories, is out now, available in both eBook and paperback.

Coming soon, Final Encounters, the concluding compilation of remaining works featured on the Charming Man website

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