What is it about the floor to ceiling glass that makes you feel you should be pinned against it by a gorgeous muscular man, high above a city. Do we secretly fancy being seen? Is that what drives our thought processes when faced with such a scene. I often think it allows us to be an exhibitionist and yet be far removed from our voyeurs for them to discover who we really are. There’s always the safeguard of how much can someone possibly see?  Well, I just had to feature a scene of sky-high sex such as this in the latest film of mine, Sky View, the story alone is worth a month’s membership! Ever since staying in New York last year I have wanted to do a film where the couple did have HOT sex in front of the window without a care in the world and with the likelihood of being seen. It’s certainly always been in my mind, but then maybe I’m just a naughty minx too! Here are some extra pictures of the gorgeous Tina Kay and our sexy new male model Alexei Jackson, with his wonderful muscular physique. Just perfect for pinning a naughty girlie against the glass and having his wicked way.

Couple enjoying sky high sex against the window

from the film SKY VIEW

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