Erotic couple enjoying hotel room sex

This erotic film is a sexy little story focused on some hotel room sex featuring a man’s paid-for desire for sex with a stranger and their time alone in his room. Alexei is a hungry  man who knows what he wants to enjoy. Tina, on the other hand, is a very seductive and delightfully naughty nude brunette vixen he just doesn’t ever tire of meeting. Dressed, as he would wish in provocative body hugging sheer silk and black lace with sensual stockings and killer heels, she is such a turn on in this hot lingerie porn film. When he first clocks eyes on her, walking into his room. When you read the erotic story SKY VIEW, his inner thoughts will be revealed as he stands admiring his personal view in his room.

The scene is set in his hotel room high above the city with views all around, and it adds to the mood of their sexual and rather spontaneous encounter. Just as the sun goes down, the scene begins, and you are quickly caught up in their very sensual and intimate time. The steamy sex is very horny as it plays on the female fantasy of being a cherished object of desire that a gorgeous and powerful man wishes to pleasure. Enjoy imagining being in this scene enjoying your own hotel room sex as you watch how he gives her body such delicious attention, feeling and exploring her perfect shape.

I am delighted also to be featuring a new male model Alexei with his very hot muscular physique, something I know you girlies will love to look at. He is utterly gorgeous too. I hope you will enjoy all the additional styling of this hotel sex film and the very catchy music which accompanies the erotic movie. It is full of pace and has the perfect edgy beat, which really sets the tone of their kinky, fabulously sexy encounter of two lovers enjoying meeting just to engage in hotel room sex.

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2 thoughts on “Erotic couple enjoying hotel room sex

  1. Hot-hot… love this sexy couple and their unabashed exhibitionism against the window. Alexei, gosh, what a hunky find, more of him please and a solo!

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