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I have just returned from a very surreal week. Infact, it felt so surreal that I had to keep pinching myself and telling myself… Yes I am here in Prague on location, and yes I am actually fulfilling my naughty aspirations to produce some beautiful erotica and it’s all looking amazing! I now have my own images to post up here too, here’s a still from one of the films! Well it was something that I have so wanted to do, having immersed myself in so much beautiful naughty imagery I wanted to bring it to life in my way and in a style I so hope many of you will enjoy watching. Indeed, I do hope you will support me on this journey into this world many of us often wonder about and now I can tell you!

Of all the things I have done in my life, I have to admit it was one of the most daunting in some ways yet exciting challenges I have faced. Bizarre though it seemed at times, it also felt so right and so arousing to be there directing and producing my first erotica. Of course I have much to learn, but I have been lucky to discover various talented individuals to help me with my challenge, but there are still various aspects I know I want to bring into my films to make them something special.

No, I am not from within this industry, just a woman with a creative mind and a love of beautiful naughtiness, but somehow I do think that maybe it offers an alternative contribution and certainly a different style and approach. What I would say as an outsider stepping into this industry is so much is not what it seems. I can genuinely say, through all the hard work, what fun we all had making the films, those infront of and behind the camera. And I genuinely met some fabulous, warm hearted people who worked so hard to help me visualise my ideas. There is so much to tell you, so many exciting plans emerging which I hope you will be able to support and help me with. Can’t wait to show you some first few minutes of footage which as we speak is busy away with the post production people being edited. As soon as I have the first little snippets I will post on here for you to see.

Lastly, I must apologise for being so quiet on here as my life has been in a whirlwind for the last few weeks pulling everything together, the planning of shoots, the booking of models, the organising of locations, flights, timetables, scripts etc has pretty much exhausted all spare time I have. But I won’t go quiet again as so much to tell you. I will be planning the next location and set of shoots as I know now, this is what I want to do and am more determined than ever to achieve it.

A little clichéd I realise… but watch this space!

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8 thoughts on “So quiet but so busy … I’ve just produced my first erotica!

  1. Wow, How exciting, You are on your way Anna, and the male dominated world of erotica is not going to know what hit them, hahah. I cannot wait to see the beautiful artistic erotic films you put out there. Go get em. Women have been waiting for someone like you to come along and make films that we want to watch. Up till now the only thing women have had is erotic romance books to get our visual kink on, and to get our juices flowing. Women around the world will be cheering you on Anna as you knock down those brick walls and show the male dominated world of kinky erotic films what women have wanted for years. We have your back if you need us. Much success Anna.

    • Oh thank you so much, that’s just what I need to hear to guide me on my journey! I just hope I can live up to your expectations but I know what I want to see so that’s my guide. Keep looking, sometime soon will have more to show you. Loves Anna xx

    • Thank you Neil and for your constant support. Well it’s certainly adding a new slice to my life and am enjoying it all so far. Will keep you posted on when we have more to show you. Loves Anna xx

      • That’s my pleasure Anna, I glean happiness and pleasure from helping/supporting people even if if is with just a few words of kindness, support or encouragement ! I do so admire your bravery and commitment to venture into something so alien from what I see your life was before, keep up the great work…Neil xoxo

  2. Anna ,
    I have missed you my friend ! Merry Christmas !! I am excited for you ! WOW! I can’t wait to see some of the film !! Keep it classy !! I know you will and Naughty of course !! I am proud of you to want to take this on !!
    Hugs & love
    Pinkie aka Jo

    • Ah Pinkie thank you for your support! Well I hope I can do all that and more. I have to say it’s very exciting! Keep watching and I hope you’ll be the first to see my efforts. Loves Anna xx

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