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As creator and producer of I was thrilled the other week to be interviewed by Jon Pressick, sex and erotica writer and Editor of Best Sex 2015 and founder of Sex in Words. Our site had caught his eye and he was very keen to get behind the name and find out what was going on. Below is the published article as seen on his site, Sex in Words.

“I greatly admire new ventures that have a clear goal, discerning taste and an ability to catch our hungry eyes. And when it comes to websites, particularly those featuring erotic content, a good design will sell me in a second.

Frolicme is just such a site. Combining stunning video and photography with sexy stories—and then wrapping their growing catalogue of beautiful content in a slick, user-friendly aesthetic will surely make the site a hit. I spoke with 
Anna X of Frolicme to find out more about this exciting, sexy new experience.

What inspired Frolicme?

Frolicme came about over time as it morphed and developed into what you see now, although even then I could see it developing further as I fine tune my vision and what I want to see and how I develop my skills both as a creative director and filmmaker. There is alot of me in the concept, its vision, what I like and what I wanted to see and experience, hence why it may feel different to other sites out there. Plus I was very keen to fuse erotic literature into the site, its a huge area of interest and is part of the erotic scene in my eyes earning itself a site for bringing new talent and great stories to the fore. When I question aspects I do reflect back on what I would like to see, what I find erotic. I believe with my age and background there are many others out there possibly dipping their toe in the pool of erotica for the first time who I hope will enjoy and easily digest what I have to offer. I am not someone from within the industry at all, but taking a large leap on my views and desires for an erotic site. I started with a blog which I infused with gorgeous images that I found to be sensual and sexy and realized I wanted to see these come alive and be brought into life with erotic stories… fantasies that we can all quickly grasp and enjoy. Not complicated just luscious morsels of arousing words offering lust and passion, something to keep us alive through our daily lives.

What are the guiding principles of the site?

Guiding principles… I suppose I do use my personal view as a guide. I certainly haven’t wanted to create anything that would cause offence but naturally by the nature of sex… it wants to be naughty! So my skill is wrapping up the naughty in a beautiful and erotic way that is approachable, acceptable and something more people can comfortably digest and enjoy. I am still working and testing just how far I can push the levels of sex to meet with people’s expectations but still have a ‘frolicme’ style.

How do you come up with new content?

A lot of my ideas to date have come from imagery and, of course, words… there is a wealth of sizzling material that gives me the inspiration for a theme or style or plays on a fantasy aspect that I enjoy then developing into a story and film. Also books, I read a lot and enjoy how people’s brains develop the sexual element of a story. I would love to create more interaction with my audience to allow for their imaginations to become reality on my site. I do want to engage people’s own fantasies, one’s own imagination can be deeply erotic and arousing and that’s what I am after, that I find very exciting.

The style of your site is clean, crisp, clear and very sexy. Do you have specific inspirations?

I wanted to have the site feel and look different… have a magazine aspect that draws in interesting articles, fashion etc.. entwine it with erotic content and sexy stories. I wanted to keep a tasteful aspect so when you first land on it… its not deemed vulgar or intimidating which some sites do, I feel. In my eyes… semi-clad bodies are always much sexier anyway and more real. I am deeply conscious of keeping this an adult only site, and am keen to embrace ways of protecting certain sites from young eyes. I would like to ensure that people can equally learn too from seeing erotic material portrayed in the way I do. Sex is there to be hugely enjoyable and is deeply important that we learn how to keep it exciting, stimulating and pleasurable for all.

What are your favourite themes to work with in erotic content?

Favourite themes for me and I do have a few, but up there in top position I would say is voyeuristic. One of the first film ideas I had which we have shot but have yet to post was one of a voyeuristic style of someone overseeing a couple who have sneaked into a quiet room for an passionate and illicit encounter without knowing that someone was already there and watched them together. Watching someone having sex is incredibly arousing… but also knowing you are being watch I think even more so. So sex in a public place adds a tremendous degree of sexual thrill so there will be plenty more of where that came from!

What can we look forward to from Frolicme?

Oh Frolicme is only the start of what I hope will be a very exciting journey. But I am just need get it firmly to where I want it first. We have been careful to slowly build up the content to allow me time to catch my breath and learn as I go and get all the various platforms in place to stride ahead. It has allowed me to test some ideas to see if they work quietly before becoming too known. I am now in a position to push ahead with getting the brand out there and a recognizable site for erotic content to view and read. I have so many directions thereafter I would love to take this venture… with me in tow, but at the moment keeping them quietly in my head. But I certainly hope will be here for some time to come and the thrill for me will to see it become a recognized brand in this marketplace.”

Sex in Words has won various Sex blog and Sex journalist awards, to read more from Jon Pressick click here

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