Lovers enjoy some real hot sex naked in the bathroom

Real hot sex anyone? I’m sure you are all up for that. Well just to change the tempo a little from last week’s erotic film here is a very sexy video of some great lovers enjoying just that. Here is a real hot sex film where you can expect a lot of nakedness, wetness, and some shuddering real orgasms.

It’s a beautiful erotic film that captures how good real passionate sex can be between lovers and often in the more spontaneous of moments when the mood seriously takes you. On this occasion, it happens in the bathroom when Cherry and Ricky can’t help but find themselves engaging in some intense and very real intimate pleasure.

The scene opens in the elegant surroundings of their stylish bathroom as they stay away for a few days enjoying some city delights. Waking up to some fresh morning scenes of the rooftops from their apartment they quickly find themselves catching the view of each other’s bodies and their thoughts soon turn carnal. In a state of natural nudity, their caresses begin. Deep passionate kissing is hard to resist and their bodies respond to their growing desires.

Arousing each other with meaningful attention they build up a lustful interest, soon seeking the intimate areas, stimulating erogenous zones. Soon their actions become very physical with some horny deep fucking, grinding their bodies close to feel more intensity to their lovemaking. You can expect hot and very focused oral, deliciously arousing pussy licking and clitoris pleasure, with a very sexual focus on female pleasure. Very rarely do porn films portray such hot meaningful sex that you can relate to. Pulling their bodies deeper into each other, they culminate their sex closely, bodies entwined as they seek genuine orgasm release. Bodies shuddering in a natural oh so fucking sexy way. This is such a hot real sex video that is a definite must-watch.


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25 thoughts on “Lovers enjoy some real hot sex naked in the bathroom

  1. Other comments are spot on, so: 🔥🔥🔥⚡️🎆❤️‍🔥💥 🫢🥰👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🧜🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

  2. Almost 4 years later I’m coming back to this scene. Top 10 greatest moments in sex films IMO. The chemistry is palpable. The way she holds him and uses her body to take what’s hers- all the while staring down his soul as he releases himself inside of her- it’s is one of the sexiest, most intimate and intense moments I’ve ever seen. 16:10. This way her hair moves in his breath as he comes is such a subtle treat. The laughter and kissing after makes it all the more real. Amazing.

  3. I love love this movie. They are both in the moment throughout. Both vocal. Sooo good. The sox, the fact that she kept her sox on adds a little more for me. I sleep with sox on, even if I’m naked otherwise! It’s a small, realistic touch. Ricky is probably my favorite male model on the site. When he cums, she owns his ass! So hot. The eye contact, moaning. 😍

  4. This is to me the best film of your whole catalog. I love how it’s framed because we get to see both Ricky and Cherry’s faces. We get to see them both enjoy it and share that moment with their expressive eyes. We see their connection, It’s so hot! I really don’t like it when the man gets cut off from frame and we only see his dick entering the woman, To me this film is a big departure from mainstream movies because of this difference. Great job keep em comming please!

  5. This is the best movie on the platform so far. Thank you for not having ricky’s face out of frame! I hate when I can’t see both performers faces, and I’ve noticed that in most films we only see the woman’s face and expressions. I don’t like an anonymous penis, thank you. Also it’s great that Ricky is very expressive, not like those dead faces that usually do porn. Here it is clear, they are both having a great time! Great job! Please keep them comming!

  6. One of my favourites. I keep coming back to this as Ricky and Cherry’s chemistry is undeniable. Any chance of them collabing again in the future?

  7. Great film of a very adventurous session, beautifully supported by the erotic story crafted by sexy-wordsmith Tabitha R. Quality content!

  8. O would love to join but as I am an Old Age pensioner I just cant afford it.
    Great Pity as although I am Old I am still horny and would get a lot of please her I am sure.
    Any other way I can see some of these movies/videos.
    Great pics and the sample vids are great also

  9. Well, Anna, what a response to this film! It is truly brilliant. When did you sense during the filming/production that you had hit on erotic gold? This is a truly a treasure. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see these two again, or indeed with others!

  10. Wonderful. There’s such energy and passion between these two. Here’s hoping we see more of Cherry in future films. She’s terrific.

  11. She really worked hard to get him off as she had experienced several orgasms. . What a nice ending.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Videos like this are why I love your site. Real chemistry and passion. ❤️

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