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Well always nice to get a few surprises and here was mine in a dear little square box with a delicate black ribbon sat on the bed looking at me… All it read on the top was Je Joue. What had my husband being buying me now? Well all I can say is inside there were 3 unusual ball shaped objects, a small very round one, the 2nd could only be described as 2 round balls extended apart and the other very similar in shape but smaller and heavier all with loops attached in the smoothest of silicone materials.

Yes I had my first set of Kegel balls guaranteed to help make a girl tighter and provide more pleasurable orgasms or so they stated. What an offering! Well if nothing else they felt very nice to touch, smooth and rounded and certainly nothing unappealing to them at all, but all charming sat there in their own little box ready to be used.

Naively I hadn’t really ventured into these before, but having now received some of my own I realised what a great gift for a girl like me. I mean, who wouldn’t fancy improving their orgasms and knowing their pussy was super tight, for all concerned. Whether they would work or not, I had yet to find out. But within the box there was also an understated little booklet to read. The first words I read were

“Introducing Ami. The pleasurable way to tone your PC muscle…Ami is unique. An innovative three-step system to progress at your own pace … Ami is a pleasure. As the hidden weights move, teasing as you tone, exercise become enjoyment. Ami is a friend. Helping you experience greater control and more intense orgasms.”

Well I was up for the challenge, nothing like a tight pussy to keep a girl happy and something to tease me as I go about my day. Superb! Panties to the side, I carefully slid the first one into place as suggested with a gentle but firm push and went about my morning. Have to say, all seemed very easy to tone so far, why couldn’t I tone other body parts in the same way. Ha could anyone tell I was using one?!

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  1. I have a set of these too. I’ve never truly gotten the hang of it though. I’d be curious to know what you think after using them a while.

    • Well they do take a little getting used to, remembering to use them is a start! I have founded the Stage 1 easy to use, but found the other stages need to be worked at. But I am determined to give them a lengthy try again. Your message will encourage me and will let you know how I get on. Thanks for reading. Loves Anna xx

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