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It is an interesting industry I find myself in these days, and from an outsider’s point of view, and I say that in the context that until a number of months ago I had no connection, never worked in or had any association with this “naughty” world. So I suppose I do also see things differently and I would like to see many aspects change for the better too. I certainly don’t see why we can’t look at bringing an ethical aspect to this industry. For example I hear too many people mention that they are worried about using a credit card in order to pay for erotica,  yet in the same breath do wish to see beautiful erotica, which is well cast, shot and hosted, offering the same care and attention given to any creative product. Yet, you can’t have one without the other.

I have and do pay for erotica just as I do for my mainstream films, books, music and everything else that has been well produced that I wish to view or hear. Where is the difference with erotic material? Companies such as the one we use as our payment provider CC Bill are the mainstay of this industry for many major companies out there and look after over 30,000 websites globally (not all this sector by any means). They take the whole side of credit card payment and protection extremely seriously and certainly charge us as the company handsomely for doing so and protecting you the user. This alone should mitigate any concerns when dealing with companies such as CCBill. However still too many individuals would rather lap up the free tube sites with endless repetitive poor quality material featuring pop up windows and free ads everywhere. So before you worry about joining up with a legitimate site for your personal viewing, remember that if nobody paid for this material, the quality and choice would simply be removed for our pleasure and all that would exist would be these tube sites that will make money by pushing the traffic but it won’t be realistic money for the creative producers and models who work in the industry.

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