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This time in Prague I did manage a few little treats for me, though my days were pretty much focused on all thing Frolic, it seemed hard to come all this way and not have a trip to the Opera. It certainly was an opportunity to switch off my imagination and turn it to a performance of a different kind!

If you have ever been to Prague you will be aware of their love of Opera and their beautiful opulent theatres scattered across the city. The one we visited was the delightful Tyl Theatre just above the Old Square, an area I did enjoy wandering in. Although the name of this Theatre has changed many times over the years, the building itself has thankfully remained fairly untouched and on an evening it had a magical quality to it when lit by lights.

Sumptuous and grand, the interior was amass of elegant individual boxes gloriously decorated in velvet and gold shaping the stalls and rising many floors high. It was a magnificent venue and the perfect place to see Don Giovanni, exactly where it was premiered by Mozart himself many centuries ago. So you see it wasn’t all naked flesh, though knowing a little of Mozart I think he would have approved of my creative productions too.

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  1. Oh, I think Mozart would have most definitely approved. I’d venture to guess that your imagination was stimulated even more after the Opera. I’m looking forward to your new website and and the debut of your film

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