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As a girl that loves her Apple products and spends way too much time on her phone I was desperately looking forward to being able to order the new large screen iPhone 6 to check out my mobile erotica. So yesterday was an exciting day especially when I heard how gorgeous it was going to be and the incredible quality of its streaming capabilities and what that will mean to all my gorgeous members and their mobile viewing experience!  I am sure lots of you will be doing exactly the same as me and logging on to place your pre order request…’DONE’! I am going for champagne this time which I think will look gorgeous and girlie.

Now that we know the exact spec of the new iPhone I will be making some further updates to the site over the coming weeks to ensure that you all get the very best mobile erotica viewing experience possible regardless of the phone type you’re using. All VERY exciting times.

Hope you liked my little play on words in the title image as I just couldn’t help myself…and I also know I won’t be able to help myself when it comes to buying one of those “oh so clever” watches too, as I adore the gold one. Wonder if I can get an app made to notify you all of new naughty films or stories. I can call it FrolicTime…now that would be VERY EXCITING!

Talking of apps and all things exciting, I found myself reading the following online post by re No Strings Sex Apps and had to share it with you all as hadn’t realised the naughty fun that could be had with some of the new Apps now out there for downloading! Think I will be downloading Tinder for my night out with the girls at the weekend…should be hilarious fun.

Here is the feature ENJOY

Loves Anna x


The images are those I found and thought suitably appropriate !


App 1: Blendr

Lowdown: Free for iPhone. It asks to link to your Facebook to access your location, photos, interests, plus ‘friends’ who are signed up too. Links you up to singles who are up for sex in your postcode. The more info you put on about yourself, the more you can see about others.

Verdict: Popular with young professionals (we came across a mix of 20-something chefs, builders, students, musicians and lawyers) who aren’t shy when it comes to no-strings sex.


App 2: Tingle

Lowdown: Its ‘radar’ system obscures where you are and you have to ‘wink’ at users before they can view your profile. A ‘chat’ service means you don’t have to give out your number.

Verdict: The men we came across were of a lower quality than blendr – one man’s profile picture was of a photo of his erect penis. Nice.


App 3: Tinder

Lowdown: Although Tinder promotes itself as a dating app, many people use it as a hook-up tool. Pictures of guys ping onto your screen in your area and you press a green heart if you fancy him or a red cross if you don’t. Superficial but quite fun. Unless you’re matched with someone (i.e. you both find each other mutually attractive) they cant see your profile. Links to your Facebook.

Verdict: Men are much more subtle here. You’re likely to be invited out for a drink rather than just round for sex.


App 4: Disckreet

Lowdown: A new app that keeps your naked photos, belfies and sex videos safe and secure. You can only access the files if you AND the other person(s) involved enter passwords. Idea is that only you and your partner can watch your previous bedroom antics together.

Verdict: Good for couples or f*** buddies who want to spice things up in a safe way. It’s a solution to revenge porn.


App 5: Sexy Vibes

Lowdown: An Android app that turns your phone into a vibrator. Can be controlled remotely by your partner, making even long distance hook-ups possible.

Verdict: Call us prudes, but we’re not keen on the thought of our phone (that goes so close to our face) being used as a sex toy.
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