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The search for understanding the joy of self-pleasure

Listen to this beautiful audio porn story of a woman whose own sexual pleasure has eluded her, and despite many lovers’ attempts, a climax has only ever been an orgasm fantasy for her. Our leading lady has always loved sex and the intimacy it brings, but has decided to take the pressure off herself and those she’s with by faking it—acting the part of a sexually satisfied woman while her orgasm fantasy remains hidden away.

Until one day…

Sofia is the most passionate woman I’ve ever known. And not just in a sexual way. She loves life. She treasures the rain as much as she treasures the sun. We met when she became my neighbour. I had brought her some flowers as a housewarming gift and she invited me in. From that day we often spent the evenings together. We talked until deep in the night. I loved hearing her stories of adventures she had been on.

As these things often go, we started talking about relationships and from that, it’s a small step to sex. Not surprisingly, Sofia had quite a few lovers. She said she loved sex and openly talked about her masturbation habits. I won’t lie: I felt intimidated. I didn’t want to admit to her that I had never had an orgasm. I didn’t want her to think I was a freak.

One night, after a few glasses of wine, the truth came out. Rather than laugh at me, or express incredulity at my confession, she knitted together her eyebrows and puckered her lips.

“Do you trust me?” she asked.

Sometimes opening up to a friend about your sex life can lead to new ways of trying things as our lovely lady finds while talking with Sophia, making her dreams of sexual satisfaction more than just an orgasm fantasy.

Written by Isabelle Lauren, this is a beautiful story of sexual awakening inspired by the erotic film of sensual sex, which you can watch now in lush FrolicMe cinematic quality.

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