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The thrilling intimacy of women enjoying anal together

This delicious audio porn story explores the pleasures and sensations when women enjoy anal sex together and the thrilling intimacy it can bring. Join Sofia and Antonia as they indulge in an afternoon of extended loving on their sofa. Flicking through her copy of Vogue, Sophia is joined by her freshly showered partner, who has more than reading on her mind. The lovers soon begin to caress each other, setting the scene for a glorious seduction. It’s not long before they begin adoring every part of each other’s body, including their sensitive, sweet asses. When women enjoy anal, the orgasms are multiple, and the pleasure knows no bounds, as this audio proves.

“Now,” Sofia whispered, “it’s my turn to pleasure you.” She forced my chin up, and her mouth fell to my neck, devouring my skin. I rocked my body against her, not wanting to be teased. Taking my hint, Sofia’s hand dropped lower and gathered my knickers in her hand. She pulled the fabric to the side.

As soon as her fingers touched me, I couldn’t wait. My lips parted, and I ground against her, wanting her on my clit, on my lips, in my pussy. I wanted her everywhere, and I wanted her now.

My hand covered hers, encouraging her, trying to get what I desired. But Sofia wasn’t having that. Her fingers left my pussy, travelling to tease both my nipples before she gave me a nudge and told me to move to my hands and knees.

Teasing, seductive and exploratory, this wonderful story was written by Molly Carter to complement the erotic film FemLove, which you can view now in beautiful cinematic quality. FrolicMe produces beautifully shot ethical porn to indulge your sexual fantasies, and this hot story where women enjoy anal sex in a positive and joyful way is no exception. Subscribe to gain access to weekly content just as hot as this.

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