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Reliving a night of passion the morning after

The memories of the night before were still floating around me as I woke from slumber, my husband’s scent still lingering in the fresh linen, clinging to the sheets, as I let myself recounter our night of passion together the morning after. 

With each recounting thought, my body began to stir and awaken. Nerve senses climbing higher and higher as the flashes of our hot sex from the night before played through my mind, reigniting my never-ending lust. 

Slowly my body began to heat up, sweat gathering low on my back as I twisted in my bedlinen, the build becoming too much, as the sheets knotted around my ankles. I rolled on my side, a fresh tube of lube catching my eye on the nightstand, as I reach over to grab it. The lid popping open with a crack. Soon I was filling the room with the smell of sex. Good hot sex as my thoughts spilt into my mind the morning after.

Enjoy this sensual audio story of a female masturbating to the memories of sensual passionate sex with her husband the night before. 

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