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Sultry female doctor sends her patient’s libido on fire

Join us in the hospital bed for this dreamlike erotic audio adventure into the taboo world of a patient and doctor fantasy. Drifting in and out of your medicated state, not quite sure what’s real and what’s simply your overactive and very fertile imagination, your libido is on fire.

It doesn’t help that the doctor in charge of your case happens to be one of the most gorgeous and seductive women you’ve ever set eyes on…

The stage is set for the most perfect doctor fantasy, and you’re sure as hell not going to miss a second of it… so lie back, slip on those headphones and indulge yourself in a truly grown-up game of doctors and nurses.

I feel the tips of her nails on my skin as she tries to locate my pulse. She pulls a face. “Do you feel a little hot?” she asks.

She raises a thermometer to my ear and gently brushes my hair away, allowing me to feel those nails again.

“On the high side,” she says more to herself than to me.

I nod. ‘And getting much hotter,’ I feel like adding.

“Let me take your blood pressure,” she says and turns to the trolley at the far end of the room. Her arse is almost visible through the tight skirt. I see her butt cheeks pull the fabric as she walks away from me, one foot slightly overstepping the other, giving her hips a delicious little wiggle as she moves.

A thought rushes into my mind – perhaps that walk is for me…

A very hot audio porn story written by our wonderful author Jonathan Aldfrith to complement the seductive solo film Gentleman’s Relish, which you can enjoy now in full cinematic quality.

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