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Sensual spoken story of lust and passion

It was getting too much. I’d been watching him all afternoon, his dark skin glistening in the hot Mediterranean sun. Watching as his lean fingers tapped away at his iPad screen, sending me spiralling into a desperate state of lust and passion. Of much-needed longing. 

This was our vacation time to get him away from work. He was successful, yes, that was evident in his pose, clothing, everything about him dripped power and domination. I soaked him up from across the room, watching with envy at the attention he was giving his iPad, the swift movement of his fingers as he hit the keys. Even stripped down to his robe he oozed control. A control I couldn’t help but test.  

I moved closer, my light shirt falling open a little more with each step. My toes treading lightly on the floor, elongating my legs. 

His eyes flicked to mine. His fingers hovered above his keys as my perfume wafted over him, stealing away his control and accomplishing my mission. To capture his attention. 

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