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Couple high of lust and need for each other

This raunchy audio porn story explores the sexual hunger of a couple who can’t wait to get their hands on each other after a long day at work. They’ve been building the anticipation, sending sexy texts and images back and forth from their respective offices, and now, it’s time to race back home into each other’s arms.

Oh, to have a lover ready and waiting to greet you as soon as you walk through that door…

I barely have time to kick off my heels before he’s turning me and guiding me backwards towards the window, holding and kissing me. I grip his face, wanting to maintain contact with him. Outside, the world is carrying on, and I’m carried away here in Nick’s arms.

I’ve been waiting all day for this, and I’m not about to let it go. I run my hands over his face, his back, the solid muscle of his chest. His hands are busy, too, rubbing my back and my ass, feeling my figure, which he knows like the back of his hand, even through my clothes. We’re perfectly in tune, unbuttoning each other’s shirts together, and he squeezes my breast, his mouth wandering like his hands, on my neck, on my lips, kissing me deeply. I feel his sexual hunger, and he feels mine, but he’s in no hurry, savouring me, making me his whole world, and it is divine…

Slip on your headphones and lose yourself in the passion and lust that has built between our lovers and witness their ferocious sexual hunger for one another. Written by FrolicMe author JK Mill to perfectly complement the erotic film of welcome home sex, which you can watch now in our signature cinematic quality. FrolicMe offers you an erotic platform with audio erotica to immerse yourself in and enhance your world of sensuality.

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