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An arousing female domination sex story

After running around like a lunatic all day, I needed something special. And here he was, sitting submissively at my feet, waiting for me to give him instructions. The metal links of the leash slide easily through my fingers as I contemplate how to torment him. In a good way, of course. I give a little tug. The leash is hooked to a thick black collar with silver hardware. He looks glorious in it and nothing else.

My day job consists of chasing down executives and reminding them about meetings, appointments, and special occasions. And when someone came back after being out of town, it made things twice as difficult on me because they are a thousand times needier. It’s as though they need to make up for the time they were gone. Communications go awry and I’m the first one to deal with the fallout.

He sits as I push away the day’s stressors. Using the metal links as a form of meditation helps me to become more present. Using the leash, I pull him close as I move forward and shove my tongue between his waiting lips. The kiss he returns is full of lust. The way he swipes his tongue along my bottom lip as I pull away tells me he wants to help.

“My Lady, shall I rub your feet?” He’s eager to please, eager to help me move on and get going with our BDSM play session. He always calls me Lady instead of Mistress. While in some ways I find it antiquated, I also find it endearing. Certain parts of me sing when he says, My Lady. His voice fills the words with meaning I can’t deny.

And yet, my urge is to deny him. I lean back and part my legs, baring myself to him. Caressing myself with a light touch, I shove one foot in his direction. “Yes, you may.”

The delicious feel of his fingers delving into the sore and tired musculature of my feet sends happy tingles all the way up my legs. His hands are always warm and today is no different. The heat from his body melts the tension away. I want to let him continue up my leg, but instead, I make him switch to my other foot.

Before long, both feet feel as though I hadn’t been wearing heels for hours on end. I continue to play with the leash. The links are almost like rosary beads to me. I lose myself in the feel of the hard metal as it slides between my finger and thumb.

I use my right foot to play with my submissive’s balls. He squirms for a moment, causing them to sway. I can’t help but laugh. I continue to tease him. He’s starting to get hard. I enjoy watching his erection grow and soften over and over when we play. Edging is very high on the list of items we concentrate on, but I love it when I let him come the most.

His pleasure, his climax, is mine. When I watch how his eyes roll back right before the lids close, the way his mouth gapes open if I haven’t put a ball gag into it, the sounds that erupt from his throat, it is the best feeling in the world.

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3 thoughts on “An arousing female domination sex story

  1. Do an erotic series that involves these two characters starting with an initiation into nudity, and followed by mandatory spankings that he’ll receive.

  2. Very erotic, I liked the long tease, as I’m sure your sub did! I was pleased when he called you my Lady and served you like a submissive not as your pet.

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