Story of erotic sex texting during a mutual masturbation moment

Her: How was the shoot?  Did you get all the photos you wanted? And what about the meeting?

Him: Photoshoot was brilliant – bloody hard work. The model was great. Didn’t need to worry about the photographer – she was wonderful.  But we over-ran so I’ve had to put the meeting off ‘til tomorrow morning.

Her: Glad the shoot was successful.  How’s the hotel?

Him: Usual boring, business hotel.  Huge bed, an army of pillows, full mini-bar, bottles of stuff I won’t use in the bathroom.  Really, really don’t like staying in hotels … on my own.

Her: Shame I can’t be there.  You tired?

Him: Yeh.  Might order room service, have a beer then turn in for an early night.  Miss you, Kitten  XX

Her: I miss you too XX.

Her: Actually, I’m not that tired.

Him: Lucky you.

Her: Get a clue!!

Him: ????

Her: Must I spell it out?

Her: I’m feeling horny.

Him: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her: Actually, I feel fucking horny

Him: OK. Message received …but I might need a little help.

Her: Was the model attractive?

Him: Haha.  Nice try. She was, actually.  Bloody attractive.  We did that shot of the necklace you suggested, the one with her just wearing knickers, looking over her shoulder.

Her: I thought I suggested that she wore a lacy bra?

Him: That was the plan, but Ginny – photographer – said it would look better with a totally bareback.

Him: Actually, why don’t you put on one of my favourites?  Wear that long necklace…  and the diamond earrings.  Dress up as if we were going on a date.

Her: Is that an order?

Him: Thanks for the nudge … but don’t forget your place!

Him: Yes, it’s an order!! Put on something bloody hot right now!  Send me a selfie or you’ll be in trouble.

Her: Sorry Sir.

Him: Now do as you are told and send me a fucking hot photo!

Her: Yes Sir.

Him: Good.  I’m not feeling so tired now.

Her: I’m glad <winks>

Her: Before I change … Go to  your wash bag,

Him: My washbag?  Why?

Her: You’ll see <devil’s face>

Him: You don’t want me to shave my balls, do you?

Her: Sounds great… do that if you’d like to Sir! But no, look inside.

Him: ????

Her: You’re terrible at following instructions

Him: Watch your tone! I thought I was giving the orders?

Her: Sorry, Sir, I forgot.  Anyway, I’ve hidden a surprise for you, Sir.

Him: Wait there.

Him:  O wow, what’s this? it’s beautiful.

Her:  It’s a cock ring.  I know you like your women wearing jewellery but I think you’ll enjoy this yourself.

Him:  Wow!   But how does it work?

Her:  You put it on while you’re soft, but once you’re hard you’ll love what it does!  You’ll stay hard longer and maybe get a little more girth!

Her:  Not that I have any complaints, Sir!

Him:  You’d better not!  There will be consequences for that!

Her:  Oooh, yes please, Sir!  I’ve been very disrespectful – I need punishing!

Him: Wait – I’ve just noticed you’ve had it inscribed.

Him: Oh Kitten …That’s blown me away!

Him: “Ride me, pump me, suck me, milk me”  Wow!

Her: Ready to oblige with all of those, Sir.

Him: Shit! I’d better get it on bloody fast because I’m hardening already … Actually, what about getting it off?  Will it come off?

Her: It’s a perfect fit.  It’ll slip off with a bit of lube.

Him: You sure?

Her: Yes, sure.  Remember I tied that ribbon around your cock the other week?  It was a ploy to get your exact girth measurement.   The jeweller specialises in these types of items and he assured me when you want it off, it comes off.

Him: You sneaky bitch.

Her: I’m sorry, Sir.  But a slave must look out for her master’s welfare.

Him: Ah, problem.  Lube?

Her: Look in your wash bag…

Him: You’re amazing.

Her: Thank you, Sir

Him: But now you’re keeping me waiting minx!  Get dressed up, then send a selfie!

Her: While you shower,  I’ll get ready.  Be back in 10.

—- o —-

Him:  You ready?   I’m showered and in my robe now … and I’m wearing the ring.

Her:  Show me.

Him: You want a photo?

Her: Please, Sir.

Him: Hold on.  Here it comes.

Her: You’re cumming already? Noooo!

Him: Ha, ha.  Picture coming…

Her:  I love it!  Room to grow?!!!

Him:  Yes, saucy minx!  Are you ready?

Her:  I’m wearing that soft silk blouse you love.  Grey one, tiny buttons

Him:  Sexy – No bra.  Love to see your hard nipples against the fabric.

Her:  I’m gonna watch myself, tell you what I see, as if you were here.

Him: Sounds great

Her: I’ve pulled up a seat in front of the dressing room mirror.

Him: Sexy.  Wish I could see. Send a selfie.

Her: Of course, Sir.  With you in 5.

Him:  Jeeeez!  Really wish I was there.  You look sultry, your hair over your eye and a glint of my favourite earrings.

Her: <Blushing> Ever the jeweller!

Him:  Where’s that necklace?

Her:  Patience … I’m unbuttoning my blouse.

Him: Photo, please

Her: Sir’s wish is my command… Here!

Him: <Groan>

Her:  Can you see it between my tits? Wish you were here??

Him:  Don’t torture me!

Her:  It’s in my cleavage, warmed by my body.  My bare tits are visible, blouse undone. I’m massaging them. Love how soft and fleshy they feel.

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Him:  Yeah stroke the twins! Pinch your nipples. I want hard pink nubs – yours are the best.

Her:  I’m imagining you handling them.  Love it rough.

Him:  You got waxed the other day, yes?

Her:  Yeah! Smooth as silk, with a landing strip!

Him:  Sexy bitch!  Use that massage oil, make yourself glow.

Her:  O yeah – loving the glide.  Smoothing it on my legs, ankles to thighs.

Him:  Don’t touch yourself yet!  Only tease.

Her:  <Pouting>  I knew that!  Stroking my breasts, my smooth belly and flank.

Him:  Unf!  I’m swollen to full size now, the ring is starting to feel tight.  And I’m a bit bigger than normal.

Her: Could Sir possibly show me?

Him: Done

Her: Your cock looks bloody massive.  God, I’d like to lick that like a lollipop!  Unf!

Her:  I’d open my slutty mouth and slide it right down your length, get my lipstick on your balls!  Hey!  Just noticed you’ve shaved!  Loving it! How does it feel?

Him:  Feels awesome!  Why’ve I never tried that before??

Him:  Wasn’t easy.  A bit like doing a yoga class.  Had to bend a lot to reach the less accessible bits.  Next time my slave girl will do it!

Her:  Happily Sir!  It makes you look massive, I’m drooling here!

Him: My balls feel so smooth.  Silky. Really sensitive too.  God, wish you could take them in your mouth right now.

Her: Unf!

Him: Did you say you’d slide your mouth RIGHT down my cock?

Her: If Sir would like that.

Him: ALL the way down?

Her:  Right down, so you can feel my throat around the tip. ‘Til my eyes water and my mouth drools, but I want to take it all.

Him:  Oh, you’d look pretty that way too.  Ruined and undone. For my pleasure.

Him: God I feel so horny now.  The ring is holding me sooo tight.  I’ve never felt bigger.  I’m drooling too… MY way!  There’s a river of pre-cum flowing down my cock.

Her:  Oh Sir, don’t waste it!  I’d like to lap it up.  Little Kitten licks around the top of your shaft.  Teasing that ridge, giving you tingles, then bobbing my open mouth on the head of it.  Mmmmm – you’d feel the vibrations as I purr.

Her:  I’m getting so hot.  My nipples are rock hard points. I’m touching my tits roughly now, pulling and tweaking.  Slutty girls like it this way, I want to be manhandled.

Him:  Tell me about your pussy, is it wet?  Have you touched yourself?

Her:  Is that a trick question Sir?  It’s always wet when you look at me.  As soon as you ordered me to dress the moisture gathered at my lips, but I haven’t touched myself.  Not without permission.

Him:  I’m imagining you touching me Kitten, pulling tight on my smooth balls while you suck at my glans and lap at the tip. Looking into my eyes.

Her:  I’d like that Sir.  That’s why I gave you the ring as a gift, to be my hands when I can’t be there.  It’s holding you tight, just like I would.  It’s warm now, as my hands would be.

Him:  God,  it makes me so hard when you say those things, and so proud when you wait for my commands.

Him:  Touch yourself now, tease with your hands.  Move them as I would move my hands over your body.

Her:  Thank you, Sir.  I’m stroking my legs, smooth and silky, up my calves, over my thighs.  Starting again from my ankles … sliding up my inner thighs, my fingers grazing under my shirt – whoops!  No knickers!!

Him:  No knickers? Did I give permission for that?  If you make a wet patch on that stool in front of the mirror – there will be consequences!

Her:  Oooh yes, please!  I can’t help myself when we play.  You make me all kinds of hot and confused … I sometimes forget the rules.

Him: Have you touched yourself yet?

Her: Of course not, Sir.  I know that rule, wait for permission.

Him: Do you want to touch yourself?

Her: If that would please you.

Him: It would please me.  Slide a finger inside your pussy and rub your wetness on your clit, masturbate for me.

Her: Thank you, Sir.  My poor pussy was aching for a finger.

Him: How does that feel?

Her: Soooo good.  My finger is your swollen cock, dipping deep into my slit.

Him: Now – fingers over your clit.

Her: Oooh Sir! Thank you.

Him: Tell me what you feel.

Her: Unf!  So warm, like I’m painting myself with liquid gold! Everything feels so silky, my clit straining to be touched.  Stroking and teasing around it, then trailing fingers back inside myself, my flesh feels swollen and alive to my touch.

Him: Sounds so good.  Would you like to know what I’m doing?

Her: If Sir chooses to say, I’m longing to hear

Him:  I’m stroking my glands and very gently pumping my shaft … I’m twitching a bit… getting close…

Him: Lick your fingers Kitten,  tell me …

Her: I’m sucking dewy fingers, thinking of licking your stiff cock, and its pre-cum drool, yet I’m tasting the tang of my own sweet musk.  I too am throbbing Sir, not sure how long I can last.  My pussy is hungry for you.

Him: I want you to make yourself cum Kitten.

Her: Thank you, Sir.  Cum with me!

Him: No.  Sir … is finding it bloody hard holding back.  But it’s important to exercise control … I’ll stroke myself right to the brink, hover there for a bit, edging to build to a bigger explosion.

Her: <sighs> Will Sir cum first?

Him: No.  No.  This will be better.  Kitten, you must cum first, alone.  Describe every bit of it,  imagine Sir watching you – his butterfly pinned for display.  Once you’ve cum I want –  no! I order you – to cum again, but this time with me.

Her: <bites lip> Sir is asking a lot.

Him: Have we not been training for this Kitten?  Orgasm control: I own your pussy, your clit,  your orgasms are mine.

Her: Of course, I understand Sir, I will comply.

Him:  Yes you will, otherwise there will be consequences.

Her:  Yes Sir, I want to please you, should I begin?

Him:  Yes, make yourself cum Kitten.

Her:  I am stroking myself, with one hand I have pulled my pussy tight, trapping my clitoris in between the V of my fingers and stretching my engorged labia.  Fingertips on my other hand are rubbing and tapping at my clit, focussing on the tight bud of nerve endings.

Her: Intense feelings building, swirling in my core and my pelvis begins to strain.  Thrusting it up I present myself, spread open and slutty. Greedily I concentrate on the heat mounting inside.

Her: Dirty words run through my head while I imagine you licking my pussy, Sir.  My stroking fingers are proxy for your tongue, licking and massaging the straining flesh of my hooded clit.

Her: Oh the starbursts, I am cumming! Hot and cold flashes wash over – but I’m throbbing emptily.  I thrust 2 fingers deep into my slot, a flood of juices coating them, my pussy walls pulse and clench.  The waves of pleasure radiate out but quickly ebb away.

Her: Oh Sir – that was intense.  Did you enjoy ‘watching’ your slave unravel at your command?

Him: That was delicious.  But as I said I want more.  You need to push yourself even further.

Her:  I’m sure I can Sir, my nipples are tingling, my buzz of pleasure is still present.

Her: What you said about me being trapped like a butterfly really got to me.  When I tweak and pull my nipples like this <sigh>  I think about when you put the clamps on them, telling me to breathe through the pain.  When you tug on their chain I can endure it more because you are watching.  I know you are pleased with me.  This is the same, Sir.

Her: I spread my legs and let 1 finger, 2 now 3 dips inside my hole because I imagine you watching.  I put on a show for you – Sir – my limits are constantly pushed back because it pleases you.

Him: I’m pouring lube and rubbing it over my helmet, making it smooth and slippery.  Then I take the pleasure down my shaft, rubbing the lube around.  I pump my cock with one hand, sliding it from the engorged head to the silver ring at the base of the shaft.  Simultaneously I cup my silky smooth balls with my other hand.

Her: I’ll finger-fuck myself as you do Sir, right up to my knuckles  Juices run over my hand while I use my thumb to press and rub at my clit (you would probably be holding the Doxy to it, at high speed – unf!). Already I feel a tell-tale buck in my hips, the tensing of my stomach walls.

Him: And I can feel a build-up of pressure inside me.  I am not far off myself.

Her:  I need to close my eyes, to focus in on what’s building inside. I wish you were here Sir, fucking me hard while pinching my nipples, You’ve trained me to need two stimuli at once.  If I imagine that you’ve spanked me hard and my bottom is heated and sensitised that helps.

Him: Yes, I want you bent over my lap, your butt cheeks stretched tight while I  spank you with that leather paddle we bought recently.  I want to feel you take the blows,  then I’ll enter you from behind and probe deep inside your pussy, your buttocks – hot and sensitive from the spanking – pressing against me.

Him: Because I own your body,  I tug on that necklace hard, pulling your head towards me.  I think I am about to explode buried deep inside you.  I’m on my way…

Her:  Oh yes Sir, that’s hot! Thinking of you cresting over the edge because of my slutty show and the spanking you’ve given me …

Her: Oh fuck yes, I’m tipping over, rubbing hard at my straining clit with one hand while slamming three fingers deep inside my soaking hole.  Unf, the waves of pleasure, yessss!  It feels as if my pussy is turning inside out, swelling and throbbing, grabbing at my fingers, it’s a hungry mouth.

Him: I’m cumming.  God, the spunk is shooting from my cock.  There’s so much.  It’s in pearly ropes on my chest.  One more pump – a final spurt … a few final strokes to milk every last drop of pleasure.  God, I wish you were sucking my cock dry Kitten.

Her: Bucking like a slut, I’m thrusting onto my hand and grunting, wishing it was your cock driving hard and brutal inside me.  I miss the release of your hot seed deep within, my reward, your highest seal of approval.

Him: That was epic!  I have to send you a selfie!  Look at the cum, it even hit my neck and cheek!

Her:  Oh Sir, that looks lovely.  Did the cock ring enhance the experience for you?

Him: Abso-Bloody-lutely!  From my end it was utterly amazing, the ring was great! How are you feeling?  Was it good for you? Love you so much xx

Her: Love you too.  I feel a bit weak and dizzy – like Alice who’s been through her own, erotic Looking Glass – if that’s not too corny!

Him:  Ha Ha!  You did so well, Kitten, 2 orgasms close together!  I wish I was close by to soothe you, stroking your hair ‘til you fall asleep.

Him: I love you and I’m proud of you, but 1 more command – don’t wash ‘til the morning.  Go to sleep perfumed with the fragrance of your lust and pleasure.

Her: Sure.  You should also wipe up your cum from your cheek with your finger and lick it off.  So it’s just like when you kiss me deeply after I’ve milked you until you’re soft.

Him: Well, that’s a yes from me too.   When I get home tomorrow we’ll take this adventure one step further.

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  1. Excellent story!!! My husband and I first masturbated ourselves together over phone sex when he was away and told me that after our first date, he couldn’t wait to get home and masturbate to me and got cum all over his dress shirt because he was so excited as soon as he got in his bathroom. I came clean and told him I masturbated to him after our first date, but couldn’t wait and masturbated in my driveway because my panties were so wet that I could not wait. We brought it home to the bedroom, his idea. We really enjoy masturbating together. Our favourite is to get naked, rub ourselves with ky jelly, l get on my back, spread my legs and masturbate my pussy and he gets between my legs and masturbates his dick on my stomach and pussy. He is always done first and watches his cum run all over my stomach and into my pussy as I finish myself. Another favourite is for one of us to masturbate themselves and the other person at the same till both of us cum. We take turns and always use ky jelly. It is a departure from fucking and blow jobs/eating my pussy. Try it and you will think it is incredibly sexy!

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