Erotic threesome sex story of a deliciously debauched picnic

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Have you ever just seen someone and wanted to impress them? And when they talked to you, you couldn’t quite believe they even knew you existed? That’s what it’s like for me when I look at Miriam. She’s perfect. She’s the Eve no man or woman could ever have resisted.

It’s the strangest thing to be so captivated by another human like this—everything and everyone pales away into the background.

Take this party for instance. It is a beautiful place with gorgeous guests, fine wines, delicious canapés. I’m enjoying it, sipping my champagne and smiling at people weaving in and out through the decadent evening. Miriam’s late, but when I finally see her across the room, in her red silk gown, how can I possibly enjoy the rest of this party talking to these other people?

I watch for a moment or two, the way her dress nips in hugging her waist and hips, the fabric skating across her curves when she moves. The cowl neck drapes low over her magnificent soft breasts, so large on her petite frame, they quiver gently with every move she makes.

I can’t take any more and edge my way through the other guests until I’m by her side, inhaling her fragrance, sweet and hot with dangerous undertones of seduction.

She turns to me with a smile that lights up her whole face—that smile is for me. I lean in to kiss her hello and breathe into the sweet spot behind her ear that I know gives her thrills.

“I’m wet for you already,” I whisper, delighting in the blush that rises in the apple of her cheeks.

She smiles again and serenely casts her gaze to the other guests and around the room. I follow with my eyes to where she’s looking and spot the cloakroom door where I know she’s fixed her sights.

“Ten minutes,” she whispers back taking herself off to mingle with the throng, pausing to turn and look me with lust in her eye and I see the rise of her nipples hardening under the scooped dress fabric. She is an absolute goddess.

Every nerve ending tingles and goosebumps spread across my skin. Ten minutes. I check my watch and gulp the rest of my champagne as I shimmy past to the cloakroom door.

Excitement coursed through me as I wait, like a childhood game of hide and seek, a giggle rising in my chest, desperate to be found but relishing the anticipation.

I press up into the furs, velvets and leathers. The place is awash with luxury. It is wonderful for a while but makes me crave the outdoors. We’ve made plans for a sexy picnic tomorrow, I can barely wait.

I slide my skirt up and peel down my thong, kicking it off under an umbrella stand. This is a big room for something as simple as a cloakroom. There’s even a chaise longue under the window. I slide my hands into the top of my dress and cup my breasts, pinching the nipples and letting them fall.

The door handle clicks and I hold my breath, every nerve standing to attention in case it isn’t her.

“Ah, there you are my doll,” she says slipping through the door to me in an instant.

Her hand is at my jaw, tipping my head as she leans into my collarbone and devours me. Oh, it’s amazing, her burning lips sear kisses to my flesh, and I’m ravenous for her too. I push against her, our pudendas meeting and I squeeze my pussy into hers as we wrestle with our kisses.

“Fuck, I’m so hot for you,” I almost growl, and she kisses me ferociously. Taking my lips and tongue in hers, we feast on each other.

I reach up her back to the zipper and pull it open, then watch as her dress falls off her shoulders. She shucks it down her arms to reveal her quivering breasts. My breath catches, and I crouch before her, scooping her tits in each hand. I take her nipple into my mouth, sucking and tonguing the puckering flesh. She groans and threads her fingers into my chignon, tousling it as she pulls me deeper into her chest. I grind my pussy onto my heel as I kneel lower before her. Releasing her I lean back, admiring her body. I gather the red silk at her hips and pull down gently to reveal her naked glistening cunt.

I look up just in time to see her head tipping, and I lean in to inhale her arousal.

She smells of joy and darkness and everything in between. She smells a little of her other lover Jorge, it turns me on, even more, to think of her being fucked by a man as I lick her clit. A flash of jealousy threatens to overwhelm me, but my cunt thinks otherwise and swells with arousal. The red silk pools around her shoes as I dip my face into her pushing her thighs apart, she falls against the coats and... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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