Sexy couple enjoy sex in the back of their car

Oh my goodness you drive me crazy! She certainly does. In this cheeky outdoor car sex film, the luscious Ava just can’t keep her hands off the sexy Ryan and is so playful and teasing from the beginning.

I do love it when you have an opportunity for naughty, spontaneous car sex when there is the extra excitement of being in the outdoors too. This erotic film captures the essence and thrill we have all enjoyed (on those naughty outdoor sex moments), and explores how a yearning to have someone can completely take over, and you grab the opportunity for that naughty sex and throw caution to the wind.

At first, they appear a little nervous that they may be caught out and seen. They soon forget themselves and begin to devour each other’s bodies in the back of the open car. If someone was peeking well, maybe we may never know, but someone might have been from behind the trees, or it certainly feels that way.

Enjoy watching this gorgeous sexy erotic film, and enjoy seeing how turned on he is when he realises how much she wants him. See what a dirty little minx that Ava is, she literally wants to drive him crazy to the point of exploding and does all she can to ensure he does.

So sit back and enjoy this horny, sexy and beautifully shot film, oh, and it’s in black and white, which certainly adds an extra something. As if we need more with this passionate video, which I have to say we had so much fun filming. So before you click on play, why not delve into the erotic story DRIVE ME CRAZY so you can immerse yourself in these two young lovers and how they found themselves alone together in the field in the back of his car for some utterly spontaneous car sex.



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6 thoughts on “Sexy couple enjoy sex in the back of their car

  1. I just love the furtive “quick, while there’s no-one about” air of this film, it has a wonderfully erotic air to it. Reminds me of those “quickie” moments when there just wasn’t time to take off all your clothes. Also sex in the great outdoors is always a turn-on.

  2. We thought this was a fabulous movie for all sorts of reasons. For a start, it was wonderful to see a movie shot in monochrome for a change, but the setting was ridiculously romantic, and it was fab to see a couple wearing nice clothes that they didn’t strip off in the first ten seconds. However, one of the most appealing features of the movie was the sneaky sex air to it – more like this please, because it is so erotic!

    Things we loved: The framing at 07:45 was lush. You know what they are doing, so you don’t have to see it in anatomical detail. The way Ava kept her blouse and bra on – we know that lots of guys don’t like this, but we appreciate the ‘concealing to reveal’ aspect of it. The framing at 17:01 and 17:17 was fab too. The sex lasted exactly the right length of time, often directors stretch it out unrealistically.

    Things we didn’t like so much: the cut at about 06:40 – suddenly, they are having sex! More breast sex would have made the movie even better. Fewer long shots would have made the sex seem more coherent and even more intimate. A good example of a cut to a longer shot that didn’t quite work is the one at 20:07 – they are getting closer and the viewpoint is getting further away. Also, the camera sometimes swapped sides for no obvious reason, for example at 15:41 (which was a bad time to do it!) Finally, is it just us, or did the sound drop out somewhere in the last quarter?

    However, those are minor criticisms because we thought Drive Me Crazy was fab. A really fresh take on pornography. Lovely movie.

    Tabby, Elaine and Angela

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