EXTRA JAM (Part Two) - Film

Natural brunette enjoys morning sex with her lover part 2

Another very sexy food sex porn video, but this time with some additional messy fun in the way of food. This second part is sweet and sticky, with extra raw food sex as party of their kinky foreplay all enjoyed in the kitchen after their night of carnal lust.

MORE JAM was part one of this two-part erotic sex movie, which saw our lovers Samantha and Benjamin engaging in delicious edible and extended foreplay the morning after their full night together. A film that just depicts a couple feeling very comfortable with each other but nonetheless still wanton for more sexual enjoyment. This food sex porn film continues just where MORE JAM left off but takes us deeper into their sensual and passionate lovemaking.

A fun and playful scene that brings in the extra kink of some warm sticky jam as part of his tease in devouring her. Dribbling some sweet jam over her body to lick and eat adds easy fun to their foreplay and arousal. It certainly is not unusual to bring food into sexual pleasure. Edible items placed or poured onto your erogenous zones can be a wonderfully naughty prop and ensure you use all your senses and bring on the tempo of your sex.

Though, as a precaution, be aware that not all sweet things like your lady parts can cause irritations thereafter. So used on rather than in and definitely a better option when enjoying food sex with your lover.

This soft porn film is certainly a total delight to watch as we see how intent our lovers are as the tempo increases and he pounds her pussy with an intense need. He is physical with his desire to have her, and in turn, we see how totally satisfying it is to be fully taken on a kitchen island.



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