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There is no denying that the pleasurable sensations many experience when eating something they thoroughly enjoy are somewhat comparable to the satisfaction they feel when engaging in sexual activity. foods that increase sex drive

Entirely different physiological mechanisms govern both sensations; however, what occurs in the brain when it comes to the processing of pleasure is somewhat similar. In other words, eating good food is just as satisfying as having great sex… for many.

But what about foods that increase sex drive? Is this idea fact or fiction?

Can what you eat really get you in the mood? Or is the idea of quaffing red wine and savouring oysters to boost your libido just a myth?

Do foods really impact your sex life, and if so, which foods and how?

Here’s a deeper dive into the sensual world of sex and food.

Let’s start by looking at a few of the commonly known foods that increase sex drive:


Oysters are globally renowned as a springy little delicacy packed with proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are also understood to be an aphrodisiac, often appearing on screen as a necessary food to be consumed when wining and dining. 

So, what’s the real deal when it comes to these amorous molluscs?

The idea that this shellfish contains all the necessary ingredients to boost desire has its roots in Greek mythology, namely when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, emerged from the sea on an oyster shell and then proceeded to give birth to Eros, the God of eroticism and intimacy.

This affirmed the aphrodisiac connotation and solidified the belief Roman Emperors had in the oyster and its powers.

According to science, yes, oysters are indeed aphrodisiacs or at the very least, they have properties that can help stimulate sexual desire in both men and women. That’s thanks to the plethora of amino acids contained inside them. Whilst the benefits of these acids include maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails, building muscle, boosting the immune system and contributing to the preservation of a healthy digestive system, they also assist in the increase in blood flow, which is great for arousal purposes. This might be particularly beneficial for men who may be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Oysters are also rich in zinc, which can be directly linked to dopamine levels in humans. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone which floods the body during arousal and orgasm. 

Zinc is also an integral ingredient needed for the body to make testosterone, as well as aiding the reduction of inflammation in the body. Another benefit for any man who may be dealing with erectile dysfunction.

So we can definitely, and somewhat unsurprisingly, add oysters to our list of foods that boost libido!


Maca root is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. 

This sweet root vegetable, which looks a lot like ginseng or ginger root originates in South America and has earned the nickname ‘Peruvian Viagra’ or ‘Peruvian ginseng’ because of its apparent libido boosting benefits. 

The Maca plant is cruciferous and whilst it bears similarities to radishes, it has a more caramel like flavour. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals.

The people of Peru have been using this root for thousands of years and swear by its medicinal properties.

Whilst further research around the impact on sexual function and libido is needed, studies have shown that semen concentration in men is increased after taking the root over a period of time compared to the alternative placebo administered for the same duration. 

As far as women are concerned, studies have shown that consuming Maca root for a sustained length of time results in an increase in sexual libido.

In addition, research has shown that this root may help in the reduction of some perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, such as disturbed sleep and hot flashes.

There is also some evidence that Maca root may help to improve a person’s mood and give their energy levels a much-welcomed boost.

So it would appear this particular edible is not only good for libido but it’s a great all-rounder!


The jury is very much out on whether chocolate has genuine libido-boosting capabilities. 

Historically, chocolate has been associated with lust, love and sex drive. You only have to look at Valentine’s Day, for example. On this day chocolate is sold by the boatload!

In fact, during the lead up to Valentines, the promotion of buying chocolate as a way of saying ‘I love you’ or as part of a romantic mealis very much a thing.

But does eating chocolate actually affect your libido?

Whilst some argue there is no scientific evidence, research on dark chocolate, in particular, shows consumption of such can help increase blood flow around the body. This is a direct result of some properties in dark chocolate that have been proven to contribute to the reduction of arterial stiffness.

An increase in blood flow would absolutely benefit a man suffering from erectile dysfunction. Equally, a woman could benefit from potentially heightened sensitivity and increased arousal as a result of an increase in blood flow. Conversely, if an individual has not seen a gradual decrease in blood flow or has always maintained a strong blood flow in the body, then chocolate and its beneficial ingredients are less likely to impact him. 

Most would agree that, for the most part, eating chocolate feels great! 

Chocolate contains a nutrient called phenethylamine. This has the potential to alter chemicals in the brain, such as endorphins and serotonin, which are ultimately responsible for making a person feel good. It’s fair to say that feeling good, an increased mood and just an overall feeling of well-being will undoubtedly contribute towards an improved libido. Feeling good is an aphrodisiac in itself. This idea is supported by research in many different studies that lay out the argument that perhaps it’s more psychological than biological when it comes to chocolate as a food that increases sex drive.


While we’ve classed this article as a ‘foods that increase sex drive’ list, we, of course, can’t miss out on our delicious libidinous libations! 

Very similar in name and properties to the Maca root, Matcha powder is derived from finely ground green tea leaves from Japan and has been used for centuries as a ceremonial tea. It contains a huge number of antioxidants, 20 times that of regular green tea, and has been shown to improve energy levels and lower blood pressure, which can help with erectile dysfunction and sexual desire. It has also been shown to balance oestrogen levels, the hormone which diminishes during menopause, causing a drop in sex drive; thus, a lift can be really important. The amino acid l-Theanine is known to lower anxiety and help produce dopamine, which makes you feel great, and sometimes, feeling yourself really does help you get in the mood to feel others!

Watch our film, My Matcha, for an erotic example of what a dose of this delicious coffee substitute can do.

Red wine

We’ve heard it a billion times, and we’ve been subliminally programmed to believe it. Red wine is good for you… in moderation!

Drinking red wine sensibly is key to reaping all its potential benefits. Research has proven that it can help lower cholesterol, is good for the heart, and apparently, it’s great for libido, too!

Red wine contains polyphenols, also known as plant compounds. These compounds boost blood flow to the necessary body parts used during sex as well as contribute towards increasing testosterone levels which directly impacts male sex drive in particular.

So, again, more specifically for those who may be suffering from erectile dysfunction, red wine could be just what is needed. 

As far as women are concerned, studies have shown those who drank red wine moderately displayed higher levels of sexual desire than those who drank less than one glass a day. Also, those that drank more also experienced an increase in vaginal lubrication compared to those that did not. An increase in vaginal lubrication could be an indication of better sexual functioning in women.

Foods that increase sex drive with bonus capabilities

It is universally understood that asparagus impacts the smell of urine, and there has been an ongoing debate over whether the consumption of too much meat can actually cause an individual to omit a meatier odour. 

There is also an infatuation with making female body parts smell and taste better, so when it was suggested that consuming pineapples can make a vulva taste even sweeter, it’s no wonder many people jumped on board with it. In fact, it was definitely overhyped in the media. It’s referenced in music, and the idea was co-signed by big celebrity names. 

But how realistic is it?


Whilst it’s usually a delight to eat, purely consuming pineapples alone is probably not enough to ensure a sweeter-tasting vulva. However, a good diet containing lots of fruits and vegetables is likely to impact an individual’s overall smell as well as provide other health benefits for the body. 

Science does support the idea that the food a person consumes can directly influence the odours they secrete. So, rather than overdosing on copious amounts of fresh pineapple, it would make more sense and be more beneficial long-term to reassess your diet and ensure that it’s nice and balanced.

The takeaway, or food for thought

For many people looking for foods that increase sex drive, the first port of call is looking at the food they eat and tailoring their diet.

Outside of the foods detailed above, there are many more claims that different foods can achieve varying outcomes, all of which pertain to boosting libido.

Everything from chowing down on chunks of watermelon to chewing on celery to grazing on nuts, in particular pistachios, all apparently work towards giving the consumer potentially better sex.

The truth is, whilst yes, food may well help somewhat, the best approach is a holistic one.

Eating healthy, exercising and trying not to indulge in things like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are all conducive to better sex and a high sex drive.

Also, it’s worth mentioning should you notice changes in your body, such as erectile dysfunction, which will affect your sex life, it’s always worth speaking to a health practitioner for the best way to proceed with the maintenance of that.

But… all in all, food is there to be eaten and enjoyed, and if you’re choosing sex drive foods that boost libido and make your sex even better, well, it’s a win-win!

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