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An orgasm a day….keeps the doctor away, sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! Sex and orgasms are brilliant for you, no matter how you identify, who you go to bed with, or what’s between your legs. Orgasms are really great for your health, both physically and mentally.

Before we dive into the medical whys and wherefores there are a few other benefits we need to talk about. Firstly, masturbation helps us to figure out what we like in the bedroom, what works for us and more importantly, what doesn’t. As we show in our masturbation films, some personal time is a normal and healthy aspect of human sexuality and has so many benefits.

On the whole, people that regularly masturbate report having happier, healthier, and more satisfying sex lives than those that don’t. It doesn’t matter whether the sex you have is solo, with a partner, or with lots of partners, it all counts! Having regular positive sexual encounters can also help us to know what’s ‘normal’ for us as individuals. It’s also worth pointing out that regular masturbation helps us to notice any changes that may occur to our genital area, this means that if we notice something odd, we can get ourselves to the doctor far quicker.

Research suggests that there are a plethora of health benefits when it comes to masturbation, sex, and orgasms. Think of regular climax as being as essential to a healthy life as lime is to a good gin and tonic!

1. Yes, sex can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and support skin health

Sex reduces stress, which is fabulous because, when it comes to orgasm, or rather your ability to have one, stress is hugely toxic. When you climax, your brain releases a whole host of feel-good chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin, this boost helps to reduce stress and can help to elevate your mood too. What’s not to love! This also extends to such stress-triggered conditions such as certain issues you may have with your skin, namely rosacea and psoriasis. Essentially these skin problems could be helped by an orgasm a day. Orgasms also help to produce the sleep-inducing hormone prolactin. So, theoretically, you should enjoy better, and more restful sleep after an orgasm, and with a good night’s sleep under your belt, you’ll be better equipped to face the day.

2. Sex helps boost a healthy immune system

Aside from having all sorts of benefits when it comes to your mental health, regular sex is also good for your physical health as well. When we orgasm, our bodies release a chemical called DHEA, which helps to support a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system means fewer illnesses such as colds and flu. Another study of university students showed that those students reporting more than two orgasms per week had up to thirty per cent more immunoglobulin, also known as antibodies, in their blood. These are molecules produced by plasma cells which are an integral part of a strong immune system as they bond themselves to antigens such as bacteria and viruses, aiding in their destruction.

3. More sex means more orgasms which can help support a better diet

Orgasms also make us healthier! A little known and very happy side effect of regular climax can be indulging in a better diet consisting of healthier and more wholesome foods. Some studies have shown that having an orgasm releases Phenetylamine, a natural Amphetamine that helps to regulate your appetite. This means that you may make healthier food choices on a day-to-day basis. There’s also further evidence to support this, a study from the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy showed that regular sexual activity, such as intercourse or masturbation, was connected to healthier hip and waist measurements.

4. Sex helps boost your libido and in turn, helps your overall genital health

Now, it might sound like an obvious one but it’s definitely worth a mention. Regular orgasms also help to boost your libido, as it turns out, the more sex you have, the more you want. If you have a vagina, then sexual activity helps to up your production levels of lubrication. It also increases blood flow to the genitals and improves overall genital health, all of which help make sex great!

5. Sex and orgasms can be a great pain reliever

Ready to don your cape? Because regular orgasms happen to make you a super hero! OK, so this isn’t entirely true, however, they do heighten your pain threshold. An orgasm releases pain-blocking chemicals, so if you accidentally stub your toe on the way to the bathroom for a post-coital cleanup, it won’t hurt as much! Climaxing can also aid such pesky problems as headaches, help to fight the common cold, and it has also been reported that during menstruation, regular orgasms offer relief to those of us who suffer from period pains and cramps.

6. Regular sex can help you keep your muscles strengthened, aiding bladder control

An orgasm can help you to avoid any ‘oops’ moments. Around thirty per cent of women will experience bladder control issues in their lifetime, and up to eleven per cent of men will too. But, fear not, thankfully, the orgasm is here to help! Having an orgasm contracts muscles linked to good bladder health, helping to strengthen them. Think of sex, or masturbation, as a sort of workout for these muscles, and the more you have the better tightened and toned they will be. This will result in better bladder control and more confidence, all round.

And the benefits don’t stop there

Other overall benefits include feeling closer and more connected to your partner and to yourself. Couples that engage in regular sexual activity, that is both mutually beneficial and sexually satisfying, have higher levels of both emotional and physical intimacy. Their levels of trust are also increased too, which makes for a happy and healthy relationship, both in and out of the bedroom… What’s not to love!


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  1. Super piece Annabelle. You are so right. While – for me at least – sex can be a barometer for my wider health, it can also help pull you through hard times, both physical and mental. I can remember being really, really poorly and came (ha, ha) upon FrolicMe in its very early days. A glorious film encouraged me to play with myself, despite all the stitches holding bits of me together post operation. And then I masturbated. Briefly I forgot my pain and discomfort. I so, so needed that orgasm. That proved a pivotal moment in my recovery.

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