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Indeed, what makes some films in our eyes just the sexiest films ever? Here I am not thinking just my own! Though I definitely have some hot favourites amongst those I have published. No, I am referring to the broader market of mainstream box office films of those that instantly spring to mind.

What triggered me to write this post was that only last week I was amid a group of similar aged girlies to myself and exactly this hot topic arose. So my ears were at the ready, fascinated to know what ticked their box on the vision of heated passion. Those films that have weathered time but feature “those” scenes that culminate in visual explosion of passionate, obsessive desire that seriously leave us wanting, as well as keep us talking.

Oh boy was there a list of films that hit not only the moment, but certainly spiked our interest and libidos. All different in their themes, but none the less caught our imagination when it came to naughty and heated. Films such as Ghost, decades old now but with the enduring scene of slippery clay and close body contact, where hands were seen co-joined around the slab of clay. I don’t believe a potter’s wheel has ever been used in such a way since. Then we could resist discussing those early images of a young Mickey Rourke with his gorgeously brooding and controlling look as well as his kinky mind enjoying subjecting a delicious Kim Basinger in 91/2 weeks with her naughty mouth to seek other pleasures.

For me Unfaithful, with the sexy Olivier Martinez who sought a very naughty illicit encounter with Diane Lane, which grew into a torrid and highly passionate affair, has always stirred my mind. The scenario was perfect, older but elegant married woman whose obsession with a strange young man she just happens to bump into one day grows into dangerous but thrilling proportions. It has all the elements of danger, passion and forbidden obsession with a tempo that fluctuates and catches you off guard. The rampant sex in the hallway leaves me panting! So too does The English Patient where the moment is snatched between Ralph Fiennes and the gorgeous Kristin Scott Thomas against a wall and during a charged moment, the chance they could be caught just adds to the danger of their sexual encounter.

In fact we continued to name so many films but often the ingredients were all there in the energy and sexual tension, the highly charged passion and the danger of the encounter. Stir that up with a few brooding gorgeous individuals and scenes are created that linger on the mind.




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