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Sometimes your natural vaginal lubrication levels fluctuate and it often has nothing to do with how aroused you are feeling—it may just be your cycle, hormone levels, menopause, or just a different time of the day. Personal lubricants have been around for many years and it takes a bit of research and time to discern what will be best for you and your vagina!

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a substance found in cannabis. Not to be confused with the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the part that when consumed gets you high, CBD is used for many health remedies from anxiety, period cramps, and has been medically approved for the treatment of epilepsy. But of course, the associations with illegal drug use make it still a controversial substance.

You may have noticed several products now containing this magical ingredient so

Why would you want CBD in a lube?

CBD oil does not get you high, it is mainly used to ease stress and anxiety and pain—sometimes as a topical ointment rather than being ingested. It is also used to reduce inflammation.
Some brands claim that it will help ease symptoms if you experience pain during sex or that bruised used feeling afterwards. Sounds great! Why else would you need it? According to some lube producers applying the lube around 20 mins prior to sex can help lift your libido and get you in the sexytime mood.

We’re all for that! As we know flipping the lid on your favourite lube bottle can almost act as a Pavlovian dog response in getting those juices flowing in all sorts of ways, so what is it about CBD infused lube that makes it the buzz product of sexual health and pleasure industries?

It is claimed that CBD lube can act as a vasodilator to increase blood flow to the area and therefore enhance arousal.

Can it help with sexual arousal?

If sex is a time when you usually experience pain of some kind, then chances are you’re already tense before even making it to the bedroom. Holding tension in your pelvis is a vicious circle for sexual pain. Taking a moment to yourself to administer soothing CBD lube ahead of sexual activity could even simply aid that all-important relaxation and combined with kind thoughts for yourself and your body, we think this is a wonderful start to any intimate fun. It’s always good to begin with yourself—the good old advice: put your facemask on yourself before helping others.

Spreading warmth, relaxation, increasing blood flow and therefore arousal, what’s not to love?

What can you experience using a CBD lube?

By Quanna, is a new CBD lube company based in the UK. The owners, Dr. Dmitry Loktionov and Kate Tikhomirova who each are keen to promote the use of CBD across many areas of holistic care, kindly sent me some samples of their flagship product Oomf. I was only too happy to find out if the claims were true.

I was excited to try this product. I am always a little nervous of lubes, as a history of UTIs and thrush make me feel I really oughtn’t to be meddling with my PH levels, but reading about the care that has gone into developing Oomf made me feel confident in giving it a try.

As it is claimed to be an analgesic of sorts, and help ease sexual pain, I wondered if this would in turn mean a loss of sensation… but then again, the company also claim that because of the increased blood flow, you should expect a tingly sensation.

I have to say, the lube is gorgeous. It feels silky and the fluidity lasts well. I felt like I could ‘accommodate more’ without any discomfort and, contrary to feeling numb, there was the most wonderful sensation of heightened arousal and excitement. It was exactly what I’d hoped for having read the intended results. And an unexpected ‘extra’ was being able to indulge in a bit of edging—something that I haven’t overly enjoyed in the past, simply because getting close to the tipping point but not falling off it would usually just make me frustrated. However, with this lube I could go with the ebbs and flows and allow my body to build to climax again and again before orgasming fully.

I really liked the clean simple packaging and felt confident enough to recommend it to a friend who was nervous about going for a smear test. She too found it comforting and the procedure was less arduous than usual. You are allowed to take your own lube to your gynaecological appointments and so this really is an ideal choice. I’d recommend applying it to the external parts of your vulva 20 minutes prior to the appointment and letting the health care professional do the internal or speculum application.

CBD oils for massage and arousal

Another company, Jomo London—is on a mission to empower women to talk about sex and have shame-free discussions about pleasure. The founders, Liv Bently and Bella Campbell have created a CBD infused massage and arousal oil intended to enhance your sensual experience. It acts as a muscle relaxant and stimulates blood flow too to heighten arousal and sensation. Made with a combination of natural oils, this is more of a journey into sensations rather than offering lubrication. Liv and Bella wanted to create a top-quality product in a beautifully elegant bottle that you’ll love to use—luxurious and sexy to enhance not just the act, but the ritual around it. If you surround yourself with lush decadent things, you in turn will feel deserving of this indulgence, enhancing your full experience. As we know, it can take a long time to get our minds and bodies in alignment when it comes to arousal so the women hope that by bringing a beautiful product into play, things will come into sexual alignment a lot faster.

As you are well aware, here at FrolicMe we are all for anything that opens up discussion, strips away shame and enhances sexual pleasure so we are delighted that CBD lube is making a splash right now, particularly if it does indeed ease pain and make sex, whether partnered or solo, more comfortable.

The stigma of vaginal dryness is due to a lack of arousal or only during menopause is being duly banished and women are now embracing lube as a necessary and fun part of the sexual experience. Not only does it make sex feel better for everyone involved it also means that we are taking charge of what feels good. Being in control of your pleasure brings with it the confidence to explore your body and desires and if a lube can also ease any aches and pains, then fantastic, this can only add to the joys.

Some precautions to be aware of

As with all lubes you have to make sure the base liquid is compatible with any toys or contraception you might be using. Any oil-based lubes won’t mix well with condoms, causing them to degrade and break down during use. And you shouldn’t use silicone lubes with silicone sex toys as it might act as a corrosive, spoiling your toys or leaving them more porous and vulnerable to harbouring germs and bacteria.

Always chose a PH balanced lube to keep your natural vaginal balance intact. To alleviate most of these problems it might be best to choose a water-based lube. You have to do your research here as CBD usually comes in an oil suspension so you must make sure it is a water-soluble CBD, so By Quanna mentioned in this article is a great choice.

With so many people now interested in sexual wellness and pleasure as part of the holistic human experience, it’s great to know products like CBD lube which focus on more than just easing the way of the penis, we can be sure of even more exciting products being innovated to cater for our sexual needs.

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