I am a white middle-aged man who has always been somewhat submissive in bed. I have a very happy sex life with my wife and we like to explore our fantasies together. Over the years she has become more and more dominant in all aspects of relationship, but particularly in our sex life. This suits me very well as I adore pleasing her sexually. The pleasure that I give to her far outweighs the satisfaction that I get from my own orgasms – although her skill as a lover has helped me to feel alive of sensuality that I never felt possible even a few years ago. One of the things that we share are our fantasies, heightening our lovemaking with sometimes quite filthy talk.

One fantasy is the one I will share with you now and it involves my wife deciding to share me with another woman. The fantasy woman bears no relation to anyone we know, and her identity blurs from time to time, but she is always friendly and open and ready to enjoy herself with my body and my wife’s. It starts with helping my wife to get dressed (which I do from time to time and enjoy enormously). I am kneeling next to her, rolling stockings on to her feet and gently unrolling them along her legs. I kiss her toes, calf and thigh as I move up towards her beautiful creamy white bottom, already encased in soft silky black and cream knickers. As I kiss the crease at the top of her bottom, our friend, who was staying the night, comes crashing in to our bedroom, looking for a hair dryer. She stops and apologises for the intrusion, but my wife beckons her in and tells her that I will find the hairdryer when I finish helping her dress.

As I continue my ministrations, my wife explains the boundaries of our relationship to our friend. As this is a fantasy (we know that the next bits are unrealistic) our friend is treated to a description, and then a demonstration of our lovemaking. I am stripped to my boxers and tied to the bed using stockings. My wife demonstrates how she teases my cock with her tongue and her hands, making me hard. She shows our friend how she ‘edges’ me, and explains how wet and open it makes her. Then she brings her legs over my face and gently lowers herself onto my waiting lips. her friend disrobes at this point and sits at the bottom of the bed near my feet and facing my wife. As I slowly lick and kiss the outline of my wife’s nether lips, she rubs her breasts and expresses her appreciation of our friend’s tits too. I cannot see, but can just hear moans of appreciation from both women as they explore each other’s breasts, and my wife begins to ground down on me, pushing her swelling and dilating pussy onto my mouth and lips. I taste her juices and feel my nose pushed against her perineum.

Finally she shifts so that my tongue is close to her clitoris and I gradually bring her to a satisfying orgasm. Our friend is offered a chance to try my skills and I pleasure her for a long time as my wife satisfies herself on my cock. I don’t get to come until much, much later …


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