I had been considering this for a while….being a unicorn, I mean.

I realised that I was bisexual a few years ago when I was in my mid-30s. My husband supported and encouraged me to be with women from time to time. I did, quite happily.

It was hard to find someone for more than a one-night stand. I really wanted a girlfriend on the side. Everyone I found online seemed to only want a unicorn. Most appeared to be looking to appease the male’s desire. For me, I needed the woman to want this. I didn’t want to be with another man. But I couldn’t find the right fit, a friends-with-benefits girlfriend.

Then I found a couple that really intrigued me. She was tall and blond. He was tall and dark-skinned. They were stunning and sexy and wanted a long-term situation, ideally a girlfriend to share.

He was the one I was communicating with. I expressed my desire to have an experience that was all about the women and not focused on the guy. He was fine with that. He would be involved or not involved, whatever I wanted. He did want to watch. Even though that was against my rules, the idea of being watched excited me.

My husband thought I was just meeting her. As I said, this was against the rules. If there was going to be a threesome, he would want to participate or at least get to watch. I needed this for me and only me. Rules were meant to be broken.

We met in their hotel room.

I knocked and he opened the door and she was sitting on the bed across the room. After a few minutes of small-talk, I could tell I was going to have to make the first move. I leaned over and kissed her, pulling her towards me.

She responded immediately, relaxing her body into mine. As we kissed and ran our hands over each other’s bodies, I noticed him sit down in a chair across the room quietly watching us.

Once I broke the ice, her inhibitions disappeared.

She pulled my dress over my head, pushed me down on the bed and began to massage my breasts…kissing her way down. She roughly played with my breasts, rolling them between her hands, sucking and biting my nipples.

My back arched, pushing my swollen breasts up towards her and my hard nipples into the palms of her hands. My pussy ached for her. I could feel my clit throbbing, wetness dripping down and soaking my black lace panties.

I felt his eyes on us the entire time. I noticed him unzip his pants as he exposed his huge swollen cock. It was easily the biggest cock I had ever seen in person.

My body twitched with excitement. Maybe I did want him too. I certainly wanted to watch her take it. I might want him to take me too. As I pondered what I might want, she slowly moved her fingers down to my panties and rubbed me gently through them.

She must have felt how soaked they were. She pulled them off and pushed my legs apart. She slowly kissed along my pelvic bone, on either side of my slit, and the small patch of hair at my entrance. When I couldn’t take another second of teasing, she took my clit into her lips, flicking her tongue over it, again and again, sucking deeply, as my it grew in her mouth.

While she continued working on my clit, she easily slipped several fingers into my dripping pussy. The combination set me over the edge. I came on a wave of an orgasm. She continued to play me as I rode the wave into ecstasy.

I looked over at him.

He looked back as he ran his hand slowly up and down his cock. I continued to watch him as I pushed her down and began to take my turn.

Her pussy was bare and beautiful. I licked her and pushed my tongue deep inside of her, rubbing her hard clit with my thumb. She tasted incredible. I continued to lick her as I felt her clit swell and harden under my thumb. Then I exchanged my tongue with two fingers curled deep inside of her. She shook and came hard into my hand.

We took turns with each other, discovering what we each liked. After two hours, we lay spent in each other arms. Lazily we ran our hands over each other’s naked bodies. I hadn’t forgotten him.

He looked ready to explode, and who wouldn’t after watching the show we had given him.

Without taking his eyes off of us, he removed his clothes, held his swollen cock and climbed on top of her. It was even bigger and more impressive up close, chocolate brown and dripping with come. As he entered her, he grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me hard. Catching my breath as well as hers. She moaned and his hand drifted down between my legs to my now sore clit. We clung on to each other, dripping in sweat as he rode her until they shuddered together.

I knew I wanted a turn. I wanted to feel that giant cock fill me.

He knew it too. From the way I touched them and moaned along with her as she came, they both knew it.

She kissed me deeply as he took just the tip of his cock and rubbed it over my clit, down my slit and into the entrance to my pussy.

Without any hesitation, he thrust his cock deep inside of me.

I gasped and grabbed them both tightly. Even though I was soaking wet, I had never had anything so large so deep inside.

He stretched me around him just to the brink where pleasure meets pain. He responded to my tightness and whispered to her how good I felt.

She kissed me again and played with my firm nipples as he pushed my legs over my head. The roughness of his fucking balanced so beautifully with her soft touch.

As he came deep inside of me with a shudder, I was surprised to come as well, my pussy walls contracting on his cock as I felt him shoot deep inside of me. We all lay together as we came back to reality.

Since that first time, we have met regularly. Tomorrow we are meeting again. I am a unicorn and loving every moment of it.

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  1. I love you and your adventurous side too! I want to be with you and your couple! Possible or ___…

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