I used to travel on the bus to see my partner, the road was long and windy. One day, I found I’d sat on the seat by the wheel hub. With each corner, the seat rattled and vibrated leaving me excitedly moist between the legs.

I remember wondering how long it would be before the sun went down and whether I could hold onto my desires until I’d reach my partner’s house. I knew that I could—it would be pretty bad not to be able to, but my imagination started to go wild. It’s like the bus’s vibrations were triggering flashbacks of every intimate moment I’d ever experienced.

The seductive bite of a lip, the tweak of an erect nipple, the slap of a rounded buttock, the tongue caressing a ready-for-it clit. Oh the pleasure, the desire, the fire burning within me left moisture filling my panties. It was hard to hide my excitement.

I decided that I couldn’t leave this feeling to myself, so I texted my partner to tease him so that the lust could grow with him too. I texted the details of my satin, see-through bra that was cupping my breasts so that my cleavage and erect nipples could be seen in all their glory.

I asked him what he was wearing and we seductively sent suggestive messages throughout the entire journey.

As I approached my partner’s stop, I applied my bright red lipstick and ruffled my hair before leaving the bus very hot and very horny. Unbeknown to me, he was already there waiting for me.

He took my hand and held his finger to his lips to say “shhhh”. He led me to the car and we jumped in. He drove in silence which heightened my anticipation and got me even more excited.

I wanted to lean over towards him and pull him close, I wanted to touch his throbbing manhood and then wrap my mouth over his shaft and tease him with my tongue, I wanted him close, I wanted him inside me.

When we pulled up into the driveway, I inwardly smiled as we had arrived at his workplace—a fire station. I could see the desire sparkling in his eyes as he took the keys from his pocket. Entering the building from the side entrance, the red fire truck stood to attention, shining brightly. Usually for dangerous activities—to save lives, to save homes but in this instance, to savour a mind-blowing, moment of red, hot, fire burning passion.

Knowing the moment could be taken from us at any time if an actual fire was to occur, we acted quickly, opening up the truck door and removing panties, unzipping flies and exposing breasts.

Thrusting his tongue inside my mouth, I pulled on his hair and grabbed his buttock so he was pressed hard against me. Letting his fingers caress my neck, he moved them down to my breasts so that he could cup them with his hands. His lips glided down to my nipples so that he was able to suck on a mouthful of breast.

I reached out for his manhood which was hard and trickling with juices. Our hearts were beating in unison, the blood pulsating around our bodies. I slowly sat on his cock so that it slid inside me and I let it glide in and out. My breasts bouncing up and down, our eyes meeting each other’s, lost in the moment, this was heaven, this was ecstasy, this was naughty!

Biting me hard, and digging my nails into his back, the euphoria we felt from each orgasm as our bodies shuddered in unison was more than we could handle. No longer able to keep our voices quiet, we let out moans and groans of pleasure, louder and louder. Holding each other tight and being high from our mind-blowing experience we didn’t notice the lights in the building had turned on.

Realising people were arriving, at the station, we needed to act fast. Rejigging clothing, we quickly headed out of the steam-filled truck, embarrassed, sweaty, flushed, and on an adrenalin-filled high. Darting out of the side door, we ran to the car giggling at what we had done, looking at each other in disbelief, wondering if we had got away with it.

Jumping in the car and heading back, we re-lived each and every moment and revealed to each other our most inner thoughts and feelings from the excitement. Retelling the desire we had from the bus journey and the intensity from the truck, we shared the thrill of the moments.

Driving in the dark, my partner pulled over in a lay-by. He looked over at me and whispered in my ear, “do you want me to kiss your pussy on the bonnet of the car?”

I didn’t really know what to say, none of this was really me, but the thrill of the moment felt amazing. It was dark and the word yes slipped off my tongue. So before I knew it, we were out and leaning against the car in a passionate embrace. He picked me up and laid me on the bonnet. Moving my panties to the side, his lips brushed against mine and his tongue tickled me inside. I grabbed hold of his hair tightly, feeling the intensity of the pleasure rise within me.

I could tell he was enjoying it as his tongue started to pulse faster, every now and then he’d curl the tip of his tongue so that it hit my g-spot. Bringing his head closer and closer, I could feel his breath, hot and heavy.

He pursed his lips so that he could suck my clit and the intense feeling rose through me. As the feelings heightened, he pulled away and told me he wanted me. He undid his flies and pulled out his hard cock, slid me down the bonnet and then entered me. The crisp air blowing through my hair, his hands gripping my buttocks, my wet pussy gripping his dick, we came together under the night sky, for the second and third time that night.

It was an extremely naughty evening and quite out of character for us both really, but it felt amazing and will be something I’ll never ever forget!

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