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My first CONFESSION from one of my naughty members…ENJOY and please, please, please email me your confession as would love to hear what fabulous adventures you have got up to! Here is a sex true story

He was a stranger.

I was meeting him for the first time.

A fantasy of mine.

We had exchanged a few electronic words only.

All I knew about him was he was from Suffolk and was a wedding and boudoir photographer who attended sex parties.

I lived a sheltered life in a sexless marriage for 20 years and was a faithful loyal wife.

My husband and I had slept in separate beds and lived like brother and sister.

Deprived of kisses and cuddles and of any intimacy.  My husband felt he was showing his love by buying me things, immaterial possessions.

I no longer found my husband attractive or desirable.

I had put an end to my marriage and was now separated and single at last.

I was about to give myself to a complete stranger.

Free of conforming to any rules, ideals or restrictions.

No holds barred except for dirty, sweaty fun!

General day to day living seemed to turn me on and I could see the sexual inappropriateness in everything around me even if it wasn’t there.

I was on heat!

A week of anticipation waiting for Saturday night to arrive when we will meet for the first time.

It was such a horny feeling, my pussy was constantly wet, swollen and aching.  I refrained from relieving myself to add to the intensity of Saturday night

Saturday 16th February 2013 at 7.30pm, London Bridge

A private apartment booked ready for our fuck fest.

A week of exchanged words expertly worked up into a frenzy by a stranger.

I was fuelled and ready.

I wondered every second of each day what it would be like to kiss him, taste him, touch him, fuck him…..

Would he fancy me, would I fancy him, would he be crap at sex, would he be amazing at sex, would he have an hidden agenda, would he axe murder me!, etc., etc., etc., doubts and fantasy played with my mind.

Workouts at the gym had paid off, body looking good, sexy and firm.

A week of beauty treatments, waxing, pedicure, manicure, massages, hair coloured/treated, blow-dried, oil baths and creams to soften my skin.

Saturday night arrived.  It seemed like forever.  Bloody weekdays getting in the way!

Bursting with pent up nervous feelings of joy, desire, lust and passion.

Scared but very excited.

Admiring myself in the mirror after rubbing expensive intoxicating body cream into my soft silky skin.

Dressing myself in a sophisticated sexy black corset and stockings just as the stranger had asked me to wear.

Long pointy nails painted a racy red, very high black patent leather heels , short black skater skirt and a low cut back and front lacy black top, long soft blonde bouncy hair and lips painted a glossy red.

A spray of something intoxicating and captivating.

Ready and prepared to be a slut for one night only.

Waiting to submit and surrender myself to be handled and fucked by a complete stranger

Will I be penetrated hard or softly, touched and groped, tied-up, whipped , spanked, sodomized, tortured in any delicious horny way possible.

I wonder what he had in mind for me….

About to ring the buzzer at the private apartment.

My head is buzzing, my heart is thumping and my stomach is filled with butterflies.

He was at the door opening it flashing me a sexy smile and helping me in with my overnight bag.

A thrill of excitement shot through me when I lustfully saw how sexy and cute and handsome he was in person instead of two obscure photos I had previously seen.

He has that just got out of the shower look.

He smells divine.

I immediately fancy him.

I wonder if he will slip into me before saying hello.

He says hi and makes small talk.

The attraction is there.

I desperately want him.

My lips and pussy are throbbing and swollen in anticipation of what was to happen.  My nipples harden.

I want to be fucked and taken full advantage of by this beautiful creature standing before me.

My inner goddess is doing cartwheels.

I blush a bright crimson red and shyly greet him back.

Feeling shy and nervous but so sexy and very playful.

I have no idea what is going to happen.

My mind is open and my imagination is free.

We’re inside the room (I can’t even remember the elevator ride).

I clock the playground of two neatly made attractive double beds and the spacious clean trendy apartment softly lit.

We stand staring and admiring each other with an intense lustful gaze.

His eyes are really sparkling and his cheeks a healthy flush of colour (probably from lots of sex)

We walk slowly towards each other and grasp hold of each other leaning into each other’s arms.

I was in his arms within 5 minutes of meeting him.  What a slut!

My body is trembling completely open and ready.

The moment had arrived, the build-up, the nerves, the doubts the fantasies, this was it ….

It was bitterly cold outside but now things are feeling pretty hot.

I feel his breath on my face and neck and the heat of his skin through his (extremely) soft cotton black shirt.

Intuition told me no longer to be scared.  I was entirely safe in this stranger’s soft gentle embrace.

The palm of my hands and the tips of my long red slut nails press gently into his manly chest.

He places both of his hands around my waist smiling looking me and up and down commenting on what a perfect size and height I am for him and I look even more beautiful in person than in my profile pic.

I had never wanted to kiss someone so much in my life!

I part my mouth and he starts to sweep and barely touch his perfectly soft kissable lips against mine.

Every pore and nerve ending in my body is sensitive to his teasing delicate touch and he smells heavenly.

He kisses me sweetly, gently caressing my tongue with his.

The sweetest of moments.   I had never felt such a connection from a few seconds of intimacy.  I wanted to repeat this act forever.

I wanted to be naked.

My breathing deepens and I’m filled with lust and passion.

The right palm of his hand gently grabs at one of my bum cheeks pulling it apart.

‘Oh god,’ I let out a small whimper and shudder yearning for him to grab me and kiss me harder.

I felt like I was 18 again, naive, sweet and girlish and not the dirty little whore I thought I would.

Although, I have just arrived and the night is young….

I desperately want him inside me to take me here and now and set our animal instincts free and he has barely touched or spoke to me!

He pulls away gently smiling.

I steadily compose myself overcome and overwhelmed by his impressive confident and extremely arousing presence.

I watch him pop the cork on the chilled champagne which spills and splashes out into two glasses; he shoves a couple of big fat juicy strawberries into the glasses and quarters the remaining strawberries with a sharp knife.

He slips the glass of champagne into my hand and toasts me and the wet soft sparkling bubbles feel playful and tickly inside my mouth.  He slides a cold wet strawberry into my wet and wanting mouth and gently moves a strand of my long soft curled blonde hair while he kisses me tenderly down the side of my neck.

Who is this man? How did he find his way into my life?  Is this really happening?

The strong sweet taste and aroma of strawberries fill the air which smell amazing.

I’m throbbing, hurting, aching, wanting, needing and craving for him.

The whole scenario feels pleasurable and delightful and I can’t wait for the evening to unfold.

Staring at me and my mouth he takes a deep breath and grabs the nape of my neck pushing my lips onto his and kisses me hard and deep .

I feel his hard erect cock pressing against my pussy.

Feeling breathless I’m keen to savour every second of this sexy moment.

Feeling extremely euphoric I am completely dominated by such an intense exquisite moment.

I wonder if I can orgasm without being penetrated?

All sorts of scenarios flash before my eyes good and bad of what will happen next…..

My soft skin around my mouth tingles from the roughness of his facial hair and I wonder how my freshly waxed fat pussy is going to feel once he is finished with it.

This handsome sexy stranger has me completely enthralled and in a trance and I am enjoying him immensely.

My fears, anxieties, principals and morals are completely forgotten and I am wholeheartedly transfixed and ready to submit to this stranger.

To be his slut for the night.

Completely for his pleasure and whatever he wishes to do with me.

I will be his for one night only.


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5 thoughts on “Meeting a stranger for sex true story

  1. if only – 20 years sexless marriage – how could you wait so long & know that every thing would as you said-nipples hard ,pussy moist you with stockings & the perfect stranger nice body smell ,hard cock etc , you must have gone for seconds , – but i enjoyed your story _ me single but nice – cock not hard cant even take viagra ! but enjoy dreaming !!!
    Brian xx

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