It was the start of summer in London, and it was an amazingly beautiful June evening. A new bar was opening, and my girlfriend and I were invited to it. We arrived just after eight and there was a decent queue out the front, slowly filing in. We joined the line and saw a few people we knew in front. A few other friends we knew were joining behind and shouting to both groups over the music, which was loud enough outside and no doubt pumping inside.

Suddenly, the girl in front leaned back into me. I didnt have a clue who she was. And it wasnt any random part of her, but it was her cute bum wiggling against me. This was no queue jumping or shoving on my behalf. She was wiggling hard. Swaying side to side. Pushing back and grinding against my suddenly very responsive cock. I was wearing a loose-fit pant, so there was an immediate connection.

I could only see her from behind, but she had a very short loose skirt on, a strappy top, long blonde hair, and tanned shoulders, and while I couldnt see her arse, it was tight and firm, and her glutes were well defined, and she was in control. That meant she was rubbing against my cock, one cheek then the other, as we stood waiting our turn to enter.

Now, I have an amazing sense of smell, and this girl was beyond aromatic. It wasnt perfume or body wash... She smelt like perfumed sex dragged out of the jungle and waiting to be speared. Her pheromones were sending out messages to any male who could identify that smell.

And Id honed in.

My girlfriend was busy chatting away, and I was getting rock hard, the smell, the gyrating and then the cheeky look. Electric green eyes. Sparkling and smiling at me, she licked her lip, and then her head turned back, but her arse continued.

It was a go signal.

I reached my hand down while pretending to smile and engage with the crew around. My fingers quickly found her pussy, as it was not encumbered by underwear. Shed gone commando and was so wet my fingers slid straight into that moist pussy, and I finger fucked her in the line while we waited for the door person to check our names. It was a brief but scintillating interlude as we hit the front line, and she went straight to the bar with her girlfriend.

I told my girlie Id get some drinks, and she went right, and I went left to the bar. It was rammed as youd expect, with free drinks on offer. It was about two minutes before I saw her.

I edged my way in the direction of the blonde, who I believed I could now smell from ten feet and moved in behind that cute arse. She obviously could sense me, and when my hand re-engaged with that pussy she sighed and arched backwards and pushed her head under my chin. She looked me in the eye, laughed and blew a kiss in my general direction. She smelt divine.

What happened next was her friend squeezed in on my left. She was also blonde, same short dress and great tits in a tightfitting tee. Her nipples rock hard. We were three back from the bar, in a scrum, so I grabbed her nipples and wound them up while I leaned into her neck and kissed her nape. I bit slowly, and she cooed in my ear. No doubt her friend had either told her or they were just hot for random foreplay.

I moved from those erect nipples and now had my two hands on two pussies, wet and soaking, smelling of perfumed sex and grinding against my fingers. My hands cupping their arses and sliding between their pussy lips and clits. Not a hair in sight and their lips were soft and full, and their clits hard and exposed. I moved from pussy to clit and in no hurry to reach the bar.

My cock was aching, and one of them reached from in front and started sliding their hand up and down my cock which was now in cock heaven. Then the other one joined her, and she went over the elasticated waist and scratched my stem with her fingernails. Slowly twisting the head of my cock in her fingers.

She made an excuse that shed dropped something and in the throng of people, took my cock in her mouth. She focused just on the head and slurped so loudly, popping it out with an exaggerated noise. I was sure the bar was listening, but the music drowned her out. She pretended to no one in particular shed found what shed dropped and stood up. Pushing her arse back into position. She was now almost screaming but making out like it was singing to the tune being pumped out.

The girls were now at the bar and ordering in between moaning, and the bar tender looked at them as though they were both mad. My fingers were working overtime, and Id felt one of them orgasming and shooting fluid all over my hands. I offered them up to the other one who had turned around, and she greedily sucked on all my fingers as though it was a cock. She was only 54 ish, so me standing at 62 she was almost undercover as she licked one hand and then the other while her friend waited for her drinks.

She made out like she suddenly knew me and started conversing in French while wanking my cock with her gorgeous fingers as though she was playing an instrument. She got the desired note and I blew all over her dress and hand.

She laughed and kissed me full blooded and nibbled on my bottom lip, leaving me at the bar, dealing with an exposed cock and trying to recall the order I was trying to place. The first girl moved past and whispered they were going to find me and my girlfriend in a while as they were from Paris and had nowhere to stay and fancied a fun night if we were up for it. I couldnt help but lean in and kiss her and say bring it on.

Now to convince my girlfriend

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