I have this amazing full-length dress that makes me shudder in excitement when I see it. The memory of the first time I wore it out is etched onto my erotic brain. Made wholly of latex, it is long, dropping from neck-to-ankle and is a deep metallic gun-metal grey. Corseted with metal buckles that cinch in my waist accentuating my feminine curves it also features a long zipped slit from the bottom revealing my favourite black leather patent high-heeled platform shoes I wore that night. They are very high and very slutty, I love them, I feel a million bucks whenever I wear them.

A lover and I had attended the same vibrant pre-party for a Torture Garden Club night when I decided to wear the dress. There was a buzz of excitement as more and more friends arrived, I arrived with my husband but all I could think about was when my lover would show up. I saw him come through the door and we’d rushed to greet each other, kissing hungrily in the hallway, not even waiting to get properly inside; like excited children. I felt so charged with excitement to see him and knew that we would not be able to keep our hands off each other. We carried on kissing, reconnecting and talking, staring into each other’s eyes while all around us everyone got ready and put the finishing touches to their make-up and outfits.

He had helped zip me into my dress with goggling eyes and was almost speechless at how amazing he thought this outfit was on its ‘virgin trip’, a new purchase from a well-known latex specialist’s sale. There was almost pulsating chemistry between us as he helped ease my limbs into sleeves and zipped me up slowly, first rubbing the liquid silicone onto my skin. It was erotic sensual and despite the buzz of the party all around us, it felt as if no-one else was there. He took pictures of me draped across the hallway on his phone, and he and I were inseparable for the rest of the evening; dancing together, going to the bar and kissing passionately for much of the evening.

We’d gone to the club in a big group, my husband too, and he was also happily otherwise engaged with a woman he’d been seeing. As is always the case, you lose everyone quickly; they all go in different directions to explore the club, find friends, visit the dungeon, couples’ room and different dance floors with wild music throbbing out. But I didn’t mind as I was so absorbed in my lover and felt excited about the night ahead of us.

Soon we were at the edge of the dance floor, our bodies becoming entwined as we danced, passionately kissing and both getting very turned on. I could feel his huge erection pressing into me and easily prised his beautiful cock out of his latex shorts. I rubbed it gently, delighting in the soft silky-smooth skin on his glans, then my strokes became more urgent, rhythm building as we carried on kissing deeply, completely unaware of anyone around us. He started trying to touch my thighs.

‘Damn I love this dress, but it covers so much of you!’

The tightness and forbidden enclosing nature of the latex was making us both even hornier and is one of the things about latex that I find so erotic.

He quickly kneeled down at my feet, unzipped my dress from the bottom almost to my thigh-tops at the back. First feeling the moisture gathered there, he trailed his fingers slowly down from my thighs to my feet teasingly, then he stood to resume kissing and caressing me and so he could reach my wet and wanting pussy. I could feel the beads of sweat and my excitement trickling down my legs, my desire for him was becoming almost too much to bear. The sexual tension between us was electric, hot and steamy and we led each other to the side of the dance floor and he pushed me up against the wall, his small lithe frame fitted my body perfectly. I realised we just had to fuck, we were so desperate for each other. He got a condom out, his eyes never leaving mine and then glanced down as he expertly and quickly rolled it onto his enormous cock. Lifting the front of my dress, looking me in the eyes and panting my name, he sunk himself deep into my very moist cunt. We were almost like animals, so burning was our need for each other, writhing in ecstasy; gasping, moaning and frantic. All the while people were dancing and sitting very close by, which only served to heighten my desire. In fact, some poor guy hurriedly slunk away as I lifted my leg, placing my high-heeled foot on the chair next to where he was sitting, to enable us to fuck more deeply.

It was all over too quickly, as I came and squirted copiously down both of us. The intensity of my orgasm overwhelmed me, my legs shook and my breath deepened, I was transported to the stars in those few delicious moments.

He held me tight. ‘Wow. You. Are. Fucking. Incredible,’ he growled into my ear as he kissed my neck. The feeling of his strong arms and whole body pressed into mine made me melt into him. The stolen nature of this encounter between us heightened it even more. We were aware that even though we were at a sex club, it’s not usually allowed, to fuck so publicly, you’re supposed to go and queue up for the couples’ room. But what about spontaneity? Queueing? NO! That would not work, we needed each other right then and there!

It’s definitely a moment I go back to and relive regularly as one of the best clubbing I’m sexual encounters ever. It also served to cement a really lovely bond I feel between us almost as if we are part of a special secret complicit club for two.

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