I had already felt this energy before.

It makes the visit to the hairdresser an almost sensual experience. She has a way of washing hair that makes me tingle all the way down to my little toe and all the areas in between.

The warm water, slow lathering and gentle yet firm massage of the scalp. Naughty thoughts came earlier because of the physical reactions, but today something seemed different. Like before, we had fixed a late date and the shop has already been officially closed and locked after I enter.

Being only the two of us, the petite woman with the red hair and freckles around the nose smiled from her green eyes in a way that was different; warmer, a tad too long, and in a certain way erotic.

I sit down on the chair to have my hair washed, and the head massage puts me back into that wonderful, trance-like state. My breathing becomes calm, I sink more and more into the armchair and thoughts of her hands sliding down my body…. but she’s already rinsing out the shampoo.

During the subsequent haircut, she bends forward closer than necessary with one more button of her blouse opened than usual. Her hand stay a little too long on my ear and seem to massage gently. My excitement grows, and I have no idea where to put it.

At the register, we book the next appointment, then she comes around to see me off. We shake hands and just hold them both too long again… look into each other’s eyes, and suddenly there’s no stopping us. We kiss greedily, my tongue exploring her mouth while my hand presses her buttocks firmly against me.

After what feels like an eternity, we let go of each other. She turns around and pulls me behind her into the small break room, where there’s a comfortable sofa. We kiss again, our tongues seeming to knot. I press her pelvis tightly against me. She feels my cock and begins to rub her pelvis against it.

My hand moves to her breast and circles it. Her hand moves down to my belt and nibbles at it while I open her blouse in return. In one smooth motion, she gets down on her knees, stripping off her top first and then my pants taking my cock firmly in her hand.

She gets back up, and we kiss uninhibitedly while I unclasp her bra and am finally able to feel the firm breasts in my hand. I bend down to suck on her pale nipples, which elicits a very soft moan from her. I push her onto the sofa, kneel in front of her and unbutton her pants while my tongue plays with her wonderful nipples over and over again.

Suddenly she makes me sit up on the sofa, stands up, and strips off her pants and panties before kneeling on the floor in front of me. Her arms open my legs. Her hand takes my balls, squeezing them gently. Pleasure, pain, more pleasure. Her hand slides up, squeezing my cock tightly, while her other hand continues playing with my balls, slowly sliding deeper backwards, then grips firmly, embracing the root of my cock. At the same time, her tongue approaches the tip of my cock, her lips slide over it, and my cock disappears into her mouth while her other hand continues to firmly grab my cock root.

I moan, look down, and moan again. Her hand squeezes my balls, a brief pain replaced by animal pleasure, her mouth goes up and down my cock, her tongue plays with the tip of my cock, and then it becomes too much.

I grab her light body, lay her on the sofa and dive down between her legs. My tongue makes its way through the carefully trimmed pubic hair between her labia and finds the entrance, plays around the clitoris and tastes this sweet taste of pleasure. My tongue alternates between clitoris and vagina, up and down. In more and more movements, it glides all around the opening, all the way down and up again, down again and always a little further, involving the perineum, up again and finally also over the little butt hole, up again and all the way down to the butt.

In between, my tongue disappears deep into her pussy, tasting more and more of her juice, until her lust makes itself heard in a long moan, and she lifts my head out of her lap. Full of her juices, our tongues find each other again as she now pushes me backwards on the sofa again in turn. With her legs spread, she settles on my cock, which disappears with slight resistance into her wet pussy. First half, then three-quarters, I feel every inch intensely, finally, she has taken me completely in.

She starts rubbing her clit with her fingers and rushes towards another climax while I knead her breasts and push my cock as deep as possible inside her. A tremor on me, a moan and her upper body falls on me. I take the hand with which she masturbated and lick the fingers. The juice tastes good, and in the following kiss, her tongue recovers everything.

I put her on her back, spread her legs and start to lick her again. I still want to enjoy the whole thing, not yet come.

And I love to lick an already fucked pussy.

Soft it is, warmth flows out of her, but her lust pulls me on top of her while her hand inserts my cock inside her again. Her hands grip my ass, forcing me deep inside her. We kiss as I am feeling myself gliding deeper and deeper into the wet pussy. Her pelvis circles, her hand moves down, looking for room to grip my balls. Pressing, releasing pleasure, pain, thrusting, pulling my cock out almost all the way again only to slide in deeper, her hand squeezes my sack, increasing my pleasure even more.

She lets go, and pushes again. I also reach down and feel my cock disappear inside her, drive over her clit, rub a little here, and put an extra finger in her pussy, causing her to push it in even deeper. Rubbing her clit at the same time is rewarded with another moan and even more juice. I pull the finger out, bend over to kiss her and hold the finger between our tongues, which we eagerly lick off.

Then I can’t take it anymore. She must feel me getting even harder—she laces my sack and delays it. Wants to see me come, pushes me backwards off her and kneels in front of me between my spread legs. Still has my sack in her hand. Takes my cock in her mouth while her hand moves to my cock root again. Encompasses it firmly. Squeezes. My cock disappears into her mouth. She squeezes my balls, rubs my cock, squeezes my cock root and then I explode.

She laughs as I pour fountains of cum onto my belly and gently plays with my balls and cock full of cum. Our mouths find each other, and her cum-smeared hand finds its way between our tongues as they eagerly entwine. I reach into the cum on my belly and my sticky hand clasps her breast, caressing it, allowing it, to play with my wet cock. I just fucked my hairdresser.

“And,” she asks, “fancy a second round?”

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