I am thrilled to be sharing with you the following post from one of my gorgeous followers Kinky Princess Pony as she tells us all about a naughty fantasy of hers that came to life…much to the delight of her husband.

THANK you for sharing this darling.

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We all have Fantasties but some come along for no apparent reason.  Do they sit in your subconscious and suddenly enter into your consciousness?

I have had many over the last few years but this is how it started (more followed)

About 7 years ago, my friend and I were sitting in my little office looking up things on line.  I can’t remember what, but the site Heavy Rubber came up first and she clicked on it.  We both laughed and she said “what the feck is this site?” (she’s Irish).  I laughed and looked with her but it was embarrassing and nervous laughter from both of us.

However after she left, I went to have another look.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  In fact I probably visited that site daily for 6 months or more.  Looking at the small video clip of a woman putting a man in a latex bag and the clip of her heels really turned me on.

I bought cheaper off the peg latex open knickers and a nipples bra but they weren’t anything amazing.

Years rolled on and I couldn’t get the latex love out of my mind.  I explored more photos and realised that they made me very turned on and wet.

I used to have sex and close my eyes, imagining I was standing in the bathroom mirror with a latex hood on, open crotch cat suit, high boots and strangely enough a woman licking my pussy.  It brought me off again and again.

One night my husband asked me whilst he was licking me to tell him my fantasies.  Now this is the strange thing about being married for so long as I’m sure many can appreciate.  Things get comfortable and there are inhibitions and taboo’s even with your nearest and dearest.  But in the throws of passion and the fact I was about to cum I told him.

Shortly after that he ordered me a hood but sadly it wasn’t any good.  There was no zip on the back, and you nearly took your neck of trying to get it on.  That was returned and nothing more ventured.

Then a few years ago for various reasons he suggested we go up to London for the day.  We had been sharing the Libidex site of likes and favorites for ages.  So we had a day out and in the afternoon found the very small (to my surprise) shop.  It was just off a cross roads in the back streets of Covent Garden.

You had to ring on the bell to get in.  I was embarrassed but excited too.  There was rails of latex bits like stockings and a glass cabinet of collars and pretty sparkly accessories.

What hit me and what I didn’t expect was the smell of the latex.  I remember saying to my husband what’s that smell?  I wasn’t sure if I even liked it.  It was sweet and a little overpowering.

The Assistant indicated to the stairs that most of the clothing was downstairs in the basement.  So we ventured down into a surprisingly biggish area.

We looked through the ton of rails of cat suits, tops, skirts etc.  There was a little gap and through it was a sex swing in black leather and more clothing.  There was also my favourite photo in poster size on the wall of a model laying on a sofa with a complete suit and hood on.

What I really wanted though was a hood.  Now Libidex’s big thing is online and they only had a few and only one with the hair bit and in my size.

The Assistant came down to see how I was getting on, she offered to help me put on the hood.  I immediately thought no, that’s embarrassing but then thought get a grip this woman does this all day long.  I think the real embarrassment was my husband seeing me for the first time wearing it and me seeing myself.  It was like uncovering someone else if you know what I mean.

He had already started calling me the dark mistress and I would joke about my alter ego.

She showed me how to put it on after tying my hair back at the nap low.  Then she zipped me up.  I stared in the mirror and asked my husband what he thought as if we were buying a sofa.

He just said very nice and nothing in his expression gave anything away.  She then advised me on the best way to put on the cat suit as it had feet and about getting as much air out of it as you put it on, using plenty of talc.

I took forever but thought I’m here, we aren’t in a rush and I was determined to get it on.  It must have taken forever and every now and then he would look though the curtain on the other side.  Then it got to the  bit where it needed to be zipped up at the back.  He pulled the zip together whilst I fretted that he was going to catch my bum on the zip.  Eventually up it went .

The feeling was just incredible.  He liked the cat suit a lot.  He then did the most erotic thing.  He unzipped it at the crotch and put his hand to my pussy.  His eyes darted up and he said you are so wet.  I was soaking.  He fingered me and I felt his hard cock through his trousers.  He kissed me but I knew I had to compose myself and snap out of it. We were in a shop and I didn’t want to get thrown out.


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