Minutes before his planned arrival I gave instructions for him to locate a key and let himself in, which he did.

Once inside he adjusted to the darkness assisted by a single candle placed on a step in the direction of my dimly lit bedroom…my boudoir, as I like to call it. I lay provocatively on the bed eager to entice. Eyes closed. Scantily clad in a short black chemise, black stockings, and sheer black knickers. My coat discarded on the bed partially covering my nakedness. My black heels tossed at the foot of the bed to complete the scene. He moved quietly so as not to alert me to his presence, but I was only too aware and was silently in wait for him.

I had longed for this moment and finally, he was here in my lair. At first his breath on my neck… then came teasing words in his deep gravelly voice that made my body stir in anticipation of what lay ahead. As I heard these words the desire was never greater and I struggled to stop myself from turning around, pressing my body onto his and kissing him hard.

I was in a state of unprecedented lust. It/he was driving me wild. He sat on the bed leaning over me, his hands and eyes tracing the outline of my body. Taking in the texture of the fabric draping over my curvaceous figure and the smoothness of my freshly bathed and scented body.

He was hungry for me. He had been imagining and desiring this for days, as had I. We had had frenzied lustful wordplay tormenting one another with descriptive images and scenes of naughtiness, but the words were not enough. Never enough. Simply the precursor. I couldn’t contain the moan that slipped between my lips nor could I stop my body from doing its dance of desire. He wanted me. He wanted to taste me and to be deep inside me.

He finally relented to his animalistic craving and he pulled me into him, our eyes locked momentarily then the fleeting brushing of lips.. my tongue finding its way into his mouth, sucking his lower lip, expressing my hunger for him in the only way I knew. His hand now on me. Feeling my heat. Feeling my hunger (and his own) and seized by my need to be touched, tasted, explored and enjoyed.

He had waited long enough. The pull to be between my thighs to take in the inviting pussy before him was too great… and while his eyes feasted, the teasing continued, with his fingers. I was beside myself, a place of such intoxication and headiness so soon. And then….the tip of his tongue was on me.

The thrill of that first touch was electric. I swallowed hard as my breathing became heavier and my longing greater. He drank from me, giddy with the scent and wetness of me, and telling me so, before he pressed his mouth onto mine, my juice on him, now on my tongue and my lips. We savored the flavour of our shared lust.

Both of us were overtaken by our raw hunger for one another. A potent union. His handsome hardness and my hot wetness. Our blatant wants and needs colliding in sensual delight. Our bodies entwined, moving together sinuously.

Feverishly his tongue was replaced by his unrestrained hardness, which he slid over my reddening lips fervidly. My eyes feasted on the sight before me, just as his did.

We were ardent voyeurs as much as lovers. We loved this game of teasing and we drew it out for as long as we were able to. As he pushed lightly between my lips, edging ever closer I closed my eyes wanting to experience just the sensation of my body being entered. I found myself biting my lower lip breathlessly enraptured.

We continued the game until the ache was too much to bear. I raised my hips as he thrust his burning cock inside me. Deep. Full. Delicious. I felt the width and breath of him. He felt my wetness surround him. A moment of sated bliss followed by longing for more. The pull to continue. Consumed by it, we were.

When I thought it could get no better, no more satisfying, I was proven wrong for he knew exactly how to please me. He brought me to one crescendo after another. The waves of pleasure were immense and my body could not help but submit to the sublime sensations overflowing in me. He continued in his rapture to bring us both to an explosive heated climax. I shuddered over and over.

My appetite was insatiable. I wanted more. I straddled him and cuffed him to the metal bed head with rubber wrist restraints. I was still hungry and wanted to taste him again. Wanted to run my tongue up his shaft and take the head of his cock inside my mouth. He was at my mercy.

Unable to touch me, he could only watch as I tantalized and teased with my tongue and teeth on his nipples, licking and nibbling at his chest… running my fingers over his body before taking his cock in my hand as I moved my breasts slowly over his chest…and finally kissing him on the mouth.

I played with him. I was free to use him anyway I wished and I did. His cock was throbbing and pulsating and I was aching to be filled once more. Upon his release, he took back control with an intensity and desire that took my breath away. As he entered me one last time I tightened my grip on the bars at the end of the bed, my moans muffled by a pillow, still audible.

His cock hard for me until the very end when the waves of his orgasm poured from him onto me and together we collapsed in our shared ecstasy. We lay spent and in awe of the potency between us.

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