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2017 has only just begun and already I am thrilled to announce so many new developments and changes that are happening to my online erotic site. Oh my goodness have we been busy in the background over these last weeks and months continuing to find new ways to improve your usability and security to the site as well as developing Frolicme to be much more mobile friendly, so lots of design changes have been implemented.

Some of you may have already noticed that we no longer have HTTP at the beginning of our URL but have added the additional security measure of becoming HTTPS secure so now you will see the “S” at the end standing for “Secure”.

What it actually means is that all communications between your browser and the Frolicme website are encrypted. And that is a very good thing. Historically HTTPS was often used as a way of protecting highly confidential online web transactions such as those relating to banking and other online shopping and payment order forms. However some websites, such as Frolicme are now transferring their site to an HTTPS secure site to offer that extra added security. So make sure when you are browsing for Frolicme films, you do come to my online erotic site where you can be assured the high quality independent productions on a safe, secure and trusted website.

Those who use web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox will also see a padlock icon sitting in the front of our name in the address bar to also visually show that the HTTPS secure connection is in effect.

Oh and if you hadn’t also realized the first stage of our Categories is now in place. Yes you can easily log onto FILMS or indeed from the HOME page search for the CATEGORIES page and you can see we have added a way of choosing your preferences when searching for films you wish to view. This will soon be available across STORIES and GALLERIES as well as a whole new gallery feature providing you fast access to our full range of hi resolution erotic photography whilst you are on the move via mobile due to new mobile functionality. So lots to look forward to as we move through 2017.


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