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I was recently invited by the fabulous journalist, columnist and broadcaster Bibi Lynch to join her in the studio with writer and comedian Miranda Kane to participate in their latest Good Sex Bad Sex podcast for Metro UK.

As the title of their latest media venture confirms, they co-host a series of conversations with an array of guests, discussing topics sex and relationship related. This also included myself as a female producer of some seriously sexy films and of course the founder of Frolicme. A site that is bringing a new audience to the world of erotic entertainment. So who better to invite.

The show is available now on itunes and on Soundcloud and you can listen to it here too.

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3 thoughts on “Listen to me chat with Bibi Lynch on Good Sex Bad Sex

  1. Great interview! gosh if those sassy ladies get shy talking about it, where’s the hope for us lot! Anna you are a legend, I loved hearing all the background to you starting the site and making ‘those’ films.

  2. This interview is just brilliant. If you were ever wanted a reason to subscribe to this wonderful site run by this amazing woman, you’ll find loads in this great podcast.

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