Erotic lovers have sensual sex on a sofa chair

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Looking for a film with plenty of sexual intimacy between two sexy lovers? Something that features plenty of loving sensual and caressing sex with lots of arousing meaningful kissing and touching. Nothing to fast, just gentle and intimate, well I am sure this will be a film you will enjoy. It features the gorgeous blonde Sweet Cat and her lover Lucas.

Her longing was such she had often fantasied about being in the arms of her young lover again, feeling his touch, his warmth and sensation of his fingers all over her bare skin. This erotic film of young lovers enjoying sex together on a large sofa chair is soft and sensual and engages you in their gentle yearning and their personal lust that had been simmering over the weeks they have been apart. You will find yourself in their world as you see her initially engrossed in her erotic book to then realise that he had finally got back from his travels and soon snuggled up next to her, quietly watching his pretty girl as she laid back on her favourite chair. He’s attentive and eager to please, knowing just how to seduce her and takes his time to enjoy her body giving her all the delicious pleasure she has so yearned for. He gently arouses and stimulates her, watching intently the reactions on her face as confirmation of his ability to turn her on as his hand finally gets to touch and caresses her skin. Both so relaxed in each others loving arms, he slides her panties to the side and continues to touch and feel her growing dampness confirming her excitement, desire and wanting. As her body responds so her moans close into his neck add to his own pleasure knowing how much he can arouse her. Her fantasy finally turns into a reality as we watch them making love on the chair. A beautifully created and meaningful sexy lovers film.

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