Erotic lovers have sensual sex on a sofa chair

Looking for an erotic film with plenty of sexual intimacy between two sexy lovers? Something that features plenty of loving, sensual and caressing sex with lots of arousing meaningful kissing and touching. Nothing too fast, just gentle and intimate, well I am sure this will be the perfect film for you. Featuring the gorgeous nude blonde Sweet Cat and her lover Lucas, this lovers sofa sex scene is an intimate portrayal of the pleasures of real sex.

Her longing was such that she had often fantasised about being in the arms of her young lover again, feeling his touch, his warmth and the sensation of his fingers all over her bare skin. This soft porn film of young lovers enjoying sex together on a large sofa chair is soft and sensual and engages you in their gentle yearning and their personal lust that had been simmering over the weeks they have been apart. You will find yourself in their world as you see her initially engrossed in her erotic book to then realise that he had finally got back from his travels and soon snuggled up next to her, quietly watching his pretty girl as she laid back on her favourite chair. He’s attentive and eager to please, knowing just how to seduce her and takes his time to enjoy her body, giving her all the delicious pleasure she has so yearned for. He gently arouses and stimulates her, watching the reactions on her face intently as confirmation of his ability to turn her on as his hand finally gets to touch and caresses her skin. Both so relaxed in each other’s loving arms, he slides her panties to the side and continues to touch and feel her growing dampness confirming her excitement, desire and wanting. As her body responds so her moans close to his neck add to his own pleasure, knowing how much he can arouse her. Her fantasy finally turns into a reality as we watch them making love on the chair. A beautifully created and meaningful lovers sofa sex film.

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6 thoughts on “Erotic lovers have sensual sex on a sofa chair

  1. Okay, so how many of us have been here? You want to read a book, and he wants sex… we think Cat gave in far too easily. All three of us would have made him work a little bit harder!

    Things we liked: The whole movie. Sweet Cat. Lots of open mouth kisses. The way they didn’t get undressed instantly. The short and slightly amateur and totally gorgeously sweet blow job. The way Cat kept her eyes closed throughout. The hugs. The body contact. Cat’s expression at 13:10 and the fact that no other director would let a woman wear a jumper that long. Or socks.

    Things we didn’t like quite so much: The early edits with a cut to black. They broke up the continuity for us. The more or less complete lack of breast sex. The way Cat took a long while to get aroused because Lucas was so single minded about her clit (three women here were yelling ‘She has other erogenous zones! Go to them!’). Not seeing Lucas penetrate her at the beginning. The reverse cowgirl, mainly because it is so much worse than the other way around for satisfaction and orgasms. Did we mention we didn’t like the fades to black?

    We completely loved the overall feeing of amateur pleasure. As we remarked in a comment to one of your other videos, we would have done a cut just before the end, let Lucas put on a condom (which in that position couldn’t be seen), then concealed the cut with a change of camera angle, let him come inside Cat, let the camera run, done another cut and change to conceal removing the condom and a quick clean up, and then filmed a minute of lovely cuddling at the end. But it was lovely.

    Tabby, Elaine and Angela

  2. Can you please tell me the name of the song that plays in the beginning? Thanks so much!

  3. I totally agree with Christina S: Beautiful, sensual, erotic are the words for this film. And Sandra is one of the loveliest, most attractive girls I have seen! Whoever cast her knew his/her job!

  4. This is a masterpiece! The atmosphere, mood and chemistry is awesome. I love there wasn’t an external cum shot too. I hope you plan on doing more of that.

  5. Agree with Ed completely what you are doing is really beautiful, sensual, erotic, and downright naughty girl! I have never been into pornography as it is never done anything for me but having read the 50 shades have realised there’s a naughty bone inside of me that I didn’t know existed…. What you are doing is not pornography it’s perfect, thank you Anna I will be taking my iPad to bed with me tonight thats for sure 😉

  6. Anna where have you been all these years this is AMA-ZZZZING have now joined up and am officially in LOVE with Sandra. Ed

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