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I am very excited to announce that Frolicme has been invited along to feature in Sexhibition’s Erotic Cinema, just one of many exciting events and features at his year’s first ever Sexhibition event being hosted during August this year in the UK. The event which is running over 3 days in Manchester, has already been extended due to the increase demand, promises to be full of erotica. There are shows and sex art performances including burlesque, live music, cabaret and DJ sets, workshops, and various classes as well as the Erotic Cinema where I will be showing a series of my own gorgeous, independently produced films. You will also get the chance be able to see and meet many of the models I work with on my sexy films.

The event, described by the organisers as a unique and opulent erotic exhibition and the first I hope of many, is staged from 21 August to 23 August at Event City. It will bring together many elements of sex from the world of erotic to fetish and performance with many companies and recognised brands all getting behind this original UK event.

Tickets are running fast but still available. Visit the Sexhibition to purchase tickets and find out more about the full run of events, the various cocktail and cuisine offerings.


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