Naughty couple enjoying morning fuck in bed

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Who doesn’t love a morning fuck film? Those deliciously sensual moments before you’re truly awake can heighten your arousal and have all those nerve endings tingling and connecting in no time, especially if you’ve had a fantastic time the night before and this is an extension of those moments.

This Morning Fuck film is the third in my saucy trilogy about an illicit affair between two very sexy people. We have seen the incredibly well-endowed Mr Delancy fuck his mistress Lucie in the heat of passion, undressing her in the lift on the way to his luxury hotel suite in the film LIFT KISS. The next morning we watch the lovers embrace in a hot, steamy and sexually charged morning romp as they get ready for the day ahead in the fabulous porn film NO TIME.

Now we can watch the gorgeous cheat that is Mr Delancy, take his beloved wife, the woman he loves beyond anything else in a morning fuck. I am sure you will be left feeling hot under the collar yourself before the end of this hot, and extremely horny film.

Is Mr Delancy just a cheating bad boy, or is his wife well aware of his indiscretions and indulges in some extra playtime of her own? We might never know but whatever is going on between them, there’s no doubt of the history and passion they share, indulging and adoring each other in this hot yet tender morning fuck. There are some beautiful moments in this mornign fuck film, that only two people truly comfortable in each other’s presence could share. I especially love their smiles and cheeky nips and giggles, a real natural portrayal of hot morning sex. And when Mr Delancy feasts on his hot wife’s hairy pussy, you know he is simply a man that utterly adores every part of his woman. A really sensual and glorious cheating wife porn video celebrating the joy two people can have making love together.

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