This latest except from one of my published erotic authors Andie M. Long @AndieMichelle who wrote the erotic story ROMP has an extra dimension to it. The book when it was first published back in July 2014 drew much attention, not just for the erotic suspense but also because so many readers decided to play it like their own personal sex game too. While the main characters Gabe and Stella are immersed in a game of cat and mouse with the bad guys, alongside this they are exploring the sexual alphabet.

The interest was such that Andie M. Long decided to produce the playbook called Play it: The Alphabet Game to work in conjunction with the Alphabet Game with pictures to create a game. A fun idea to be given for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines or bought to spice up the bedroom. There’s a cross of list at the back and even a certificate! It’s a bit of fun, but that’s how things should play out in the bedroom anyway.

Below is the original erotic suspense, The Alphabet Game by Andie M. Long with the synopsis in her own words.

SYNOPSIS “The Alphabet Game is an erotic suspense novel. The story centres around Stella Mulroney, a spoiled woman who believes her stepfather destroyed her relationship with her mother. She decides to investigate his shady dealings in an ill thought out attempt to get revenge on him by applying for a job at Gregory and Sons Law firm who deal with his business. She meets Gabe Gregory, son of the law firm’s owner. It soon become clear that Stella’s stepfather is nothing at the side of the evil ruthless businessman Arnie Gregory, Gabe’s father. As Gabe and Stella team up against their fathers, Gabe invites Stella to play The Alphabet Game, a sexual exploration through each letter of the alphabet as he figures she’s too naive to infiltrate the sex clubs run by their fathers. Sassy Stella holds her own as the games commence – the sexual one with Gabe and the cat and mouse game with their fathers.”


We head to a street just off The Strand and I follow him up some steps leading to a large black door of one of the houses. Gabe extracts a key from his jacket pocket and lets us inside.  I walk through and find myself on a landing on a staircase. I’m surprised as I realise the vastness of the building.  It brings to mind Doctor Who’s Tardis and the ‘It’s bigger on the inside,’ phrase.   Gabe indicates I walk downstairs and moves towards the wall to let me pass before closing and locking the door behind him.
The room I enter is nothing special.  It has a reception area, with a brown lino floor and leads through to a bar area, with banquette seating and a dance floor. There is a small stage set for a DJ.  I don’t know what I was expecting but I’m disappointed, it’s so plain.
I turn to Gabe, ‘This is The Rodeo?’
‘Part of it yes.  A very small part.  Would you like to see the rest?’
I nod.
We walk down some stairs at the end of the bar area and he leads me through to what looks like a spa.  This is more like it.  Bright white tiles on the walls with blue mosaic trim and a blue pool effect floor, make the room inviting and that’s before I see the massive jacuzzi. He looks at me for my reaction.
‘Very nice,’ I state enthused. ‘Why didn’t you tell me to bring a cossie?’
He laughs.  It vibrates deep in his throat.  ‘Our clientele don’t require costumes Stella.’
‘Oh.’ I say, wanting to slap myself for my naivete.
‘Come on, there’s more to see.’
We pass back up through the bar area where this time I notice a silver pole in the corner of the room.  I look at a large television screen on the wall; I now guess this isn’t for watching the football like I previously thought.
We return to the stairs that we originally came in via, and walk to the upper floor.  Gabe guides me out onto a plushly red carpeted landing, with animal print chaise longues in the centre.  I take a seat on one.  I’m surrounded by four rooms with clear windows.  Each room has a large specially built bed in each, that could accommodate several people. My throat goes dry as I look from room to room.
‘What are you thinking?’
‘I’m thinking what the hell happens here?’
‘Anything and everything.’
He opens the door to the first room and I stand and follow him in.
‘Each of the rooms has a theme.  This one is sensory overload.  The drawers contain feathers, whips and an assortment of scented oils.  As you can see the rooms all have baskets of condoms and waste bins. Our cleaners are paid well because you would not believe the state some people leave the rooms in.’
‘Indeed.  However the cleaners have been in and right now this building is spotless…’ He leaves his words hanging.
‘I’m not going anywhere near those beds.  Gross.’ I say. ‘Do people really want to come here and do stuff in front of others?’
‘Some people get off on precisely that.’
‘Well we’re a long way off V.’
My forehead crinkles.
‘Hmmm, I’m not sure about that one and I can think of another V that could require your attention.’
‘Oh it already has my attention.’
‘I’m not doing anything here Gabe, this does nothing for me.’
‘Wait and see.  I’ve another room to show you yet.’
He grabs my hand and leads me back down the stairs, but instead of going into the reception area, we carry on down another set of stairs into a darkened room.  He flicks on some dim lighting. I can see the walls are painted crimson red.  The floors are a deep black rich pile.  There are paintings depicting several sexual acts hanging on the walls, as well as several hooks.
My mouth goes dry.
‘Welcome to the Dungeon.’
Oh my God, the letter D. I don’t know whether to stay or run.
He must see this because he pulls me close.  ‘Just look around.  I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to.  I get that some of this stuff looks intimidating, but some of can be used for casual play, just to heighten things a little.’
I feel my eyes fill with tears,‘I don’t know if I’m cut out for this game Gabe. This is overwhelming.  If I can’t cope here now, how will I manage to visit when there are people around?’
‘Look.  I think you and I both know that we’re going to have to catch our father’s in some of their more insalubrious pastimes.  Yes that means coming here, but the beauty of this place is that you don’t have to be yourself. People dress up here, act out roles.  You can make yourself look completely unrecognisable and not everyone gets in on the act, some just like to watch. No-one is judged for what they do here, within certain limits, of course.’
I sigh in relief. ‘Okay.’
I look around at the equipment, trying to get past the idea of being tortured with it. ‘So if I wanted a taster of what goes off in this room, what would you recommend?’
Gabe’s mouth twists up at the corner,‘Do you want me to tell you or show you?’
I take a deep breath,‘Surprise me.’
Gabe asks me to strip off down to my bra and panties.  I leave on my sandals; I hate walking on other people’s floors in bare feet.  He backs me towards the wall and my back touches a pole mounted on the wall.
‘Okay, now first we need a safe word.’
‘What?  What’s a safe word?’
‘It’s a word you say to me to let me know if you’ve had enough and want to stop.’
‘I’ll shout fucking get off me, how about that?’
‘Clever, but no.  One word that makes me immediately stop. It needs to stand out.’
‘Okay, erm. Stiletto.’
‘Yeah, my favourite kind of shoes.  They’re my happy place so if I’ve had enough I’ll shout stiletto.’
‘Fair enough.’
‘And if you hurt me in any way I’ll stab you with the heel of one.’
‘That won’t be necessary, however do keep them around, we may use them sometime.’
‘Ew, my poor shoes.’
‘Oh my God, not like that Stella, Christ you’re putting me off now.’
I pout and look at him.
‘Stop the doe eyes, your innocent act is starting to become very unauthentic after you’re standing in front of me with no clothes on.’
‘I’m wearing -’
He drags off my bra and pants.
‘That’s right absolutely nothing.’
He picks up two cuffs and asks me to put my foot through one and then does the same to my other foot.  He raises the cuffs until they hang around the top of my thighs and then Gabe fastens the chain attached to them to a bar fastened to the pole, pulling on it so that my legs are set wide, but comfortably apart, my thighs held against the wall.  Then he places a cuff around each wrist, fastening the attached chains to another bar above my head.
I nod.
‘Good, because I’ve had enough of waiting.’
He takes my breast in his mouth, sucking my nipple until it stands in a hard point and then he moves and laves the other, making me gasp in pleasure.  I watch as he walks over to a nearby drawer and extracts some oil.  He pumps the oil into his hands, rubs them together and then massages it into my breasts.  It has something in it, a bit like when I’ve used a body lotion containing ginger or one of those thermal face masks.  It gently heats my skin as he massages it in.  He continues, massaging all over my body, his hands running over the sides of my buttocks.  He trails his fingers between my thighs, pausing for a moment to add some more oil to his fingers and then rubs it into my clit.  It tingles and the feeling of warmth spreads.  My legs weaken, but the cuffs hold me in place. He carries on his ministrations, rubbing thick and fast, entering me with two fingers and pistoning them into me like a cock.  I explode over them and feel myself flood onto his fingers.
Gabe removes his clothes and presses his body against me, ‘God that was so hot.’
‘Fuck me, please. I need you in me, now.’
‘In good time, Stella.’
He goes back to the drawer and extracts a leather strap with a tassle on the end. As I look at it I figure if he’s going to hit me with it then it’s tame enough for me to cope with.  He kneels between my feet and softly smacks the tassled end across my clit.
The sound escapes me loudly.  I could not have imagined what this would feel like.  Feather light tickles cross a spot already sensitive from my previous orgasm.  He continues to flick it across my sensitive flesh. I try and stretch towards it but I’m tied too near the wall and don’t have much wriggle room.
‘Gabe please.’
‘Sssh, just go with it Stella.  Concentrate.’
I relax into every flick, closing my eyes so that it’s all about how it feels.  Closing my eyes means I begin to smell the oil on my skin more.  It does have some kind of spice to it.  However more flicks and I forget the smell, totally concentrating on the sensations.
‘Oh my, oh Gabe, please now, NOW.’
He smacks the tassles harder across my mound and moves it faster and then I’m lost, feeling the pulsing of completion between my thighs.  Just as I relax, I sense Gabe near me and he thrusts inside me.
‘Gabe?’ I panic.
‘Its already on.’
He grinds against me, slamming me into the pole.  I can feel the rough brick of the wall scratching into my elbows, abrading me, but I don’t care.  He slides against me because of the oil and my centre welcomes him in, so wet because of his previous actions.
This is a proper fucking.  Heavy and hard.  He pants against my ear, before he climaxes.  He rests his head on the crook of my shoulder.
‘Fuck Stella, you have no idea what you do to me. How you create these feelings inside me for you that I just can’t have.  I just can’t.’
If my hands were free I would fold them around him and stroke them up and down his back.  Instead I say just one word that releases us both.


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