I am thrilled to be able to publish this latest adult only free story, a festive excerpt entitled Christmas Lovers from one of my many talented author’s recent published works. Below Sarah Michelle Lynch who has previously published a sex story on FrolicMe, HOT PINK, and more recently an excerpt from her works BEDTIME CONFESSIONS has chosen an excerpt from her novella Christmas Lovers. Full details of where you can purchase the full story are at the end.

SYNOPSIS Christmas Lovers is a companion novella to the novel Tainted Lovers. It is highly recommended you read the full novel first…

“Adrienne and her husband have been at her work’s Christmas party and now have a luxury suite to enjoy. It’s not been long since she had a baby so tonight’s the night they want to rekindle their smoking hot sex life.

The past is never far away, however… a past dark, dangerous and haunting. Their perfect love may be enormously fulfilling – but is there one aspect of sex they have yet to explore?

Adrienne hates the term battered woman but that was what she once was and that is why her husband, whose sex life before they met was adventurous, hasn’t spanked her throughout their fourteen-year relationship. But in spanking her, might he be releasing them both of ghosts new and old?

Read on as Adrienne finds new strength through submission”.

EXCERPT from CHRISTMAS LOVERS by Sarah Michelle Lynch

Chapter Four

I’m kneeling, looking up into his eyes, awaiting instructions.

“I love your hair down,” he says, surprising me. I would have thought he’d want me licking his cock by now. At the very least.

“It takes work,” is my – hopefully – submissive response, “but I know you love it like this.”

Usually I pin it up for work and for when I’m holding the baby, so at least he’s not sick in my hair as well.

“I love every part of you, do you know that?” he remarks.

“I wish I loved every part of me.”

“We can change that,” he says, a calm in his eyes I’ve never seen before, “we can do anything, together.”

“I’m willing.”

All humour seems to have left the room again and I’m left with only my dark and serious man sat opposite.

“I want you to serve me tonight, in every way. You’ll do everything I say.”

“Everything?” I gulp.



“Adrienne, you’re a girl inside, a girl who needs her daddy. Tell me it isn’t so.”

I pout, blinking fast. It registers for about a second that this role play comes so natural to me, but then I forget it’s play at all…

“I need my daddy.”

He nods briefly, a smile reaching his eyes. “And does my baby girl want to do everything her daddy says?”


“And why’s that?”

“Because I need love from my daddy… and acceptance. But more than anything, I need recognition of my achievements. I need rewards, I need to work and be rewarded. It’s who I am. I want to make Daddy proud.”

“And Daddy will show you that you can achieve… in ways you never imagined.”

I nod in compliance.

“Now baby girl, I know you’ve been naughty in the bathroom. Did you touch yourself?”

I brave a look into his eyes. “I did but not to pleasure myself.”

He smiles warmly, this man – the custodian of all my happiness, the one man never to use or abuse me. We hurt one another a long time ago… but that’s all history now. It brought us right here, to this special night.

“Tell me,” he simply asks.

“I wanted to test you so I daubed little amounts of my sexual pheromones around my body for you.”

He tries not to show his glee.

“You wanted to test me?” His eyes invite me to spar with him.


“But, why?”

“Don’t all men want to be tested?”

“Not this man.”

I bow my head, worried now that I’ve upset him.

He lifts my chin with one, long index finger. “I was tested and I hope I passed those tests?”

I nod.

“Sorry, Daddy.” I look to the side, ashamed for some reason.

“There is nothing to be sorry for. I don’t need testing, not me. The one thing that makes me happier than anything else is to know I make you happy. I do, don’t I?”

I look at the floor, trying to contain my emotion. “Very happy.”

“Then let us openly explore how we make each other happy, like this. No tests. Just exploration of our love.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Now go into the bathroom, clean your juice off your secret places, and come back to me ready to give yourself whole… to me.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I crawl back to the bathroom, his little kneeling princess, and I wipe my pussy juice from the various little places I hid it. To get rid of any dampness, I powder myself a little and as I’m working, I notice the chocolate paste has completely dried and sealed my sex shut. I wonder if he intended this.

Crawling back to him, I wait patiently for more instructions.

“Daddy needs a bath and then a bedtime treat.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

As he undresses, I watch the floor. I’m in character, too shy to look at my masterful daddy in all his looming glory.

“You could never disappoint me,” he says, and I nod.

While he walks to the bathroom wearing just his boxer shorts, I crawl on my hands and knees behind him, so thankful of the deep pile carpet beneath my knees.

He waits patiently as I begin running the bath, pouring salts in, and just a little foam too. Exactly how he likes it.

As the water warms, I tell him, “It’s warm enough if you want to get in while I top it up.”

He keeps his focus on nothing but my eyes.

My focus is on nothing but him licking the chocolate off. I can barely concentrate on a thing else.

“Thank you, baby,” he says, removing his underwear and sinking himself into the bubbles.

Once the roll-top tub is fully filled and he seems at ease, I ask, “Shall I wash your hair?”

“Yes, baby girl.”

I want to get in, sit behind him, wrap my legs around him and stroke my hands all over his muscular body. He still gets up every morning, carries out his routine of press-ups and sit-ups, sometimes a few other moves too. He’s fitter than ever in fact because he rarely drinks and is always chasing after the kids.

Using a clean mug, I pour water through his brown hair and listen to him humming as I attend to him.

“Do you want my shampoo? As a treat. I know you like it.”

“Go on, then.”

I use my coconut shampoo on him, which is for blonde hair, but he loves the smell of it.

Kneading the product through the lengths of his locks, I wait until the foam thickens and begin washing it away.


“Just this once. You’re spoiling me.”

“I like to,” I say, because he rarely lets me.

Using a minimal amount of conditioner, I massage his scalp and he moans loudly. I must be doing it right.

“That’s good?”

“So good. I have a slight wine headache. I only get it from drinking champagne you know.”

“They make it so you don’t remember how many glasses you’ve had,” I murmur.

“That’s right. I expect I drank lots trying to cope with the soullessness of the whole affair.”

“I’ll make Daddy all better.”

“Yes, you will.”

Without words I grab a washcloth and cleanse his back and shoulders, kneeling behind the tub, the marble floor a little harder on my knees in here. As I’m cleaning his face, I admire his features while his eyes are closed. He looks so edible, so ready for my lips all over him, his skin moist and supple, his slight stubble begging to scratch my soft skin.

“Come and stand in the bath,” he asks, still with his eyes half-shut, “don’t get your underwear wet though. Take off your stockings.”

“But the belt–” I begin to protest.

“The belt can stay, if it pleases you.”

I give a slight nod as he opens his eyes to watch me.

Unclipping the stockings, they begin to slowly slide down my thighs without help and then it is just a matter of me tugging them the rest of the way. I slide them slowly, watching him all the while. I wish I could see more of him but he’s buried beneath bubbles and all that water the large bath can hold.

I step carefully into the tub, to where he plants me, between his open legs. He sits up, half of him emerging from the water, his chest hair sopping. Rivers run over his chest and back.

“How badly do you want me to break the seal on your pussy, baby?”

“Badly.” I’m not ashamed to admit, the seal would soon break anyway, the dam unleashed. He leaves me breathless when he puts his hands on me.

“You have to promise me something,” he says, as I remain precariously stood in the water, “you must not come until I say.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

His hands grip my heels underwater, his eyes flash with a hint of mischievousness, then his fingers glide up my calves, gripping my thighs as he gains more height on me.

I shudder against his passionate gaze, against his need and mine. Our combined lust takes my breath away as he pulls apart my thighs and kisses the front of my leg.

My lip trembling, I can hardly breathe. I’ve waited so long for this. So, so long.

Going without David’s body is like asking the Queen to go without her handbag.

“I love you,” I mumble, sounding like a crazy person.

I’m so emotional you could blow me down like a feather. I need all his strength now. I need him because the years have changed me. They’ve made me more frightened and vulnerable. Life has made me more insular and I want to be able to live again, but I am still so afraid. I fear I will need to go back to hospital, have my head re-examined and be forced to start from scratch again.

My mind’s racing away with all these thoughts when he interrupts, “Adrienne, stop thinking. I hear you thinking. Just stop. I’m going to kiss my gorgeous fucking wife and she’s going to have to work very hard to stop herself creaming into my mouth the moment I finally get my tongue on her clit.”

“Shit,” I mutter, “shit.”

When his hands grab my buttocks, I feel the need in him through his iron grip, his testament to how much he’s missed me too.

“Such bad things, such bad, bad things,” he utters, before he kisses my lower stomach, his kiss needy and forceful, tasting my flesh, my skin, long untouched. I don’t care if I’m still baggy or if I’m marked, he needs me and I need him. We’re each other’s souls. There’s nothing else I need worry about.

“Oh my love,” I whisper, as he holds me, encircling me with wet arms, his cheek against my thigh.

“I’ve missed you so much, Adrienne.”

“Me too.”

He begins lapping gently at the chocolate covering my bald skin and the furnace buried behind the chocolate barricade begins to break through.

“You knew,” I gasp, “the chocolate would dry.”

“Yes, and I would have to hunt for my gift beneath…”

He takes tentative, slow, precise licks, as if a child again, licking the bowl or the spoon, knowing there’ll be no more after it is all gone, so he knows he has to eke out the pleasure of enjoying something so rarely enjoyed, so rarely given…

I’m pulsating with lust, I can barely stand a second longer, and I hope he has a back-up plan. He takes my bum in his hands, guiding me, turning me, and I sit precariously on the highest edge of the bath where the neck rest is. Clutching the edge of the bath, I throw my head back and he kisses me, a greeting.

“Stunning,” he whispers, lapping, edging, tasting, driving.

I can’t think, only feel.

I forgot how delicate he can be, how knowledgeable he is of my likes and dislikes. He knows I hate teasing, I just want him there, touching me in whatever way he likes.

Every time I feel my muscles become overwhelmed I breathe deep and fast, holding off, keeping my orgasm at bay. I’d happily come any second now but he told me to wait.

“Resist,” he reminds me, but I’m tempted to let go every time his tongue connects with my clit.

The heat inside me is building to burning, to seizing me beyond my control, my breathing erratic, painful, my control…


“Oh god, I can’t…”

I come. I can’t stop myself. I’d come without touch anyway. I’m in a state of such arousal, my walls knead against the emptiness there and though I’m dripping and extremely aroused, I’m not sated because my body came against an emptiness.

He tuts, wiping his mouth. “Adrienne…”

“Don’t be too hard on me, Daddy. I have gone without so long.”

He narrows his eyes. “But you have been self-administering?”

I shake my head slowly. “No. I’ve just… it’s just not been there, until now. The need, I mean. I don’t know, I haven’t felt sexy in so long.”

Suddenly, without warning, he tugs me into the bath with him, drenching my bra and suspender belt. Water spills over and crashes to the floor with a slap.

My eyes close against the feeling of him holding me, embracing me. Pure bliss, I can only try to absorb it while I have it.

While he’s nibbling my throat, I unclip my bra and throw it over the side. He releases my suspender belt and that gets tossed overboard as well.

My arms tightening on his neck, he begins shifting me into position and then I remember…

“David, you need a condom.”

“I know but I…”

“No, David. Remember the last time you said it would be okay… that was fifteen months and one baby ago.”

“Bloody hell, Adrienne.”

“I know,” I gasp, tugging his hair.

“I should punish you and all shades but I’m bursting too…” He’s shaking against me, clawing for more contact, for us to merge finally, as one again. “…I can’t help myself.”

“David, please,” I beg.

He steps out of the bath, dripping with water. At the vanity unit he pulls a condom from one of the toiletry bags and rolls it on.

“Out, now,” he demands.

I walk to him, then he throws me up into his arms, and slams me against a wall.

“I love you,” he tells me, all gravel, and pushes against my soaked flesh, need engulfing me.

My thighs slipping against his, he pushes hard and manages to get deeper inside, my body not used to him, as though re-virginised.

“I’m…” I don’t say it. I can’t. If I say it, it will happen. I’ll come.

I’m hot and ready for him again but knowing David, it will take him some time to get there. He can go for hours.

“Just fucking come,” he growls, his earlier stance ripped up and torn to shreds, our lust having overtaken us.

Biting his ear, I let myself go, tugging on his body with my legs, pulling him tight into me as I let myself enjoy an orgasm while his penis is there to grip and pummel. God, it feels so good, I feel so full and I’m weightless now, nothing matters, nothing… it’s all nothing…

He kisses my mouth, tongue lapping, licking, dipping, the contact messy and rough. He drags me back to the present, wanting, needing – his own release so close now.

He moves me from the wall to sit on the edge of one of the sinks.

I grab his buttocks, knowing he’s almost… so… close. He’ll be coming round the bend anytime.

“Permission to give you what you want,” I tell him.


I’ve come hard already. I could come again, I know. However at this point I’m more than eager to earn some brownie points. Slipping off him and to my knees, I rip off the condom and slide my mouth over his cock, taking two hands to him as well.

“Jesus, Adrienne.”

He puts one hand against the wall behind me to steady himself and I worship him. While my hands massage and twist, pumping and demanding, I lick his balls and grunt, “So hard.”

Flicking my tongue against a particularly sensitive vein in the tip of his cock, he loses control, grimacing and panting, his chest puffing fast.

His hips throw forward and he spurts against my lips, down my hands, and all over my arms. I catch what I can, never having particularly liked the taste of cum, though there’s something special about tasting the man you love.

I kiss his abs, travel up past his breastbone, to his Adam’s apple, drawing myself up onto my feet again. Tugging me into him, he stares into my eyes, the storm of his love not abated but only stirred inside him. He’ll want me again now, having tasted our long-forgotten passion, our hunger for it only refreshed.

“We should fuck like this everyday,” he growls, as I roll my forehead over his moist chest.

“So good, I agree.” We should fuck like this every day, but life… it has a habit of getting in the way.

With a delicate kiss to my lips, he says, “Bathe with me.”

We dip ourselves into the bath together and I wash him in silence, my legs wrapped around him. I can’t stop smiling as he lies in my arms but something dark in him has risen again and he seems stern and determined.

“What next?” I ask as I pull the plug.

“I haven’t decided yet,” he says, and I know he’s being honest, and I know that whatever he does with me next, it’ll be good, if not great…


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