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For many of my members who know the site well you may have noticed a lot of changes have been happening at FrolicMe. Changes I hope will only add to your user experience and offer you more of what you enjoy.

One such change I am very excited to unveil, is all focused on the written side of my erotica, my erotic stories. I am now offering those who enjoy the written word, a Frolicme Erotic Story Only Membership. There is only one option for the Story Only membership, a single price membership for a whole year which will provide you the member access to all the published erotic stories, author’s own excerpts from their latest published works and all those extra special features such as my Confessions stories that are only available to members.


To launch this new membership I am also offering an Introductory Offer of just £4.95 for a whole year, but do be aware this is for a limited period only. When you stop and think about it, that’s an amazing amount of erotic words and stories to enjoy and digest over a full year, as well as pleasure and arouse your mind with.

However I should just add that if you do decide to join up with my Erotic Story Only Membership, but then you change your mind and fancy taking a look and wish to watch one of the many films that accompany my stories, you can easily upgrade to a Full membership at any time. You need only pay for the upgraded price less the initial cost you have already paid for the story membership. So you will never loose out but will give you a sexy little taste of the erotica that I have to offer here at Frolicme.

To sign up for my Erotic Story Only membership, you can click on the link HERE

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